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Few month ago, you planned to fly to the destination of your dreams to spend an unforgettable trip. You have organised every single details in order to do as many activities as possible without wasting one minute of your time for this ideal holiday. Everything is ready: your suitcases and your fold clothes, your document updated, all you have to do now is to board the flight. One step that sound common for you. However, when you have come to the airport, you were far away from imagining what was about to happen. An common circumstance that you usually tend to forget in your mind. Indeed, it is showed on the boarding screen that your flight is cancelled.

You are going to have to cancel few activities initially planned for the day, and you may miss a connection. It is difficult to know where to start: inform the accommodation that you will not arrive on time, postpone business appointments or simply select your activities. You are hopeless, stressed, upset. But do you know that, under certain conditions, you have the right to be compensate as air passengers? We provide with support for all the steps you may have with the airline company to claim your compensation due to a cancelled flight.

Cancelled flight, Indemniflight help you get your compensation

Your rights for a compensation in case of cancelled flight

The European regulation 261/2004 requires Airlines companies to compensate their clients when the flight they were booked in is cancelled, and also when the clients were not informed at least 2 weeks before departure. If this delay of warning is not respected, the company must suggest you, without any additional cost, an alternative solution like another routes in order to re-dispatch you as fast as possible to your initial destination. Whatever it is a business trip or a personal travel, the cancelled flight compensation always go back to the person who made the journey.

If you decide to accept the new alternative routes or flight replacement suggested by the company, the latter must provide you with assistance. In addition to provide free lunches and drinks, they must refund you your ticket under 7 days and to take in charge additional costs you may pay due to your cancelled flight. From restauration to taxi, or accommodation if necessary, under proof of documentation, the company must refund you.

Furthermore, the company must refund a compensation for your cancelled flight.

  • In case the company would have informed you prior between 7 and 14 days, if the latter planned to forward you 2 hours the earliest before the initial departure and the latest 4 hours after the initial arrival time, they are exempted to proceed with the reimbursement of your cancelled flight.
  • In case the company would have informed you at least 7 days before, if your alternative flight suggested by the airline company is planned the earliest 1 hour prior the initial time and forward you to destination 2 hours after the initial arrival time, you will not be eligible for a cancelled flight compensation.

On the other hand, in any case, the company is mandated to refund the compensation unless it cannot be proven that the incident occured due to extraordinary circumstances. This specific aspect in aviation sector refers to events totally out of control of the Airline company. All flights are not eligible for compensation. In some cases, you can expect to get a compensation.

The weather conditions not safe for passengers, an unexpected strike of Airport employees or else an unpredictable breakdown affecting the flight are the kind of examples of incidents that might be considered as extraordinary circumstances by the company. Although the Airline companies often used this unknown reason to avoid a compensation refund, in this case it is necessary to claim a proof.

In case of a common cancelled flight, the standard rate of reimbursement varies between 250 and 600 euros. However, the cancelled flight compensation may reduced of 50% by the company if the flight arrives to destination with delay less than 4 hours. In order to clarify the standard payment rate, we have drawn up a tab that explain the different level of compensations, which you can be entitled depending on the distance of the initial flight and the delay caused by the replacement flight proposed by the company.

Distance /Delay Lessthan 2 h Between 2 hand 3 h Between 3 hand 4 h More than4 h
Less than1500 km 125 € 250 € 250 € 250 €
From 1500 km to3500 km 200 € 200 € 400 € 400 €
More than3500 km 300 € 300 € 300 € 600 €

The regulation, having been legislated the 11th February 2004 and reinforced by the European Parliament in 2009 and 2012 through 2 successive judgments (Sturgeon and Nelson judgments), the regulation is applicable for all airline companies for intra-communal flights and for destination to and departure from European Union countries. This regulation applies also for Norway, Iceland and Swiss.

Be mindful if you refuse to take an alternative flight proposed by the company, although the latter must refund you fully your flight tickets, it is exempted to compensate you. By refusing your flight, you equally refuse your rights.

The cancelled flight compensation procedure

Let’s take as the example the cancellation with Air France company caused to you. Your plans are turned upside down and nothing happens as initially planned. Be aware that a request for Air France compensation is possible.

In this particular case, sending a simple registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt with your boarding card (or all proof of purchases), and a copy of your ID (National card ID or Passport) are sufficient to start your compensation procedure. If it is simple to start the steps, the steps before receiving your compensation due to a flight cancellation is truly tedious. Never-ending, delicate and often unsuccessful, the procedure ends up usually with power struggle between airline companies and passengers. You may be asked for irrelevant documents, told about the exceptional circumstances, receiving about false excuses, or be forced to take a legal action. They will use multiples methods to make the procedure longer in order to make you give up on your compensation procedure.

Our job is to assist you with the indemnification claim for the cancellation of your flight no matter the Airline company. Indeed, it was because of the alarming observation based on the fact that only 2% of passengers get compensation out of 20 millions of them in Europe per year, that the Service Idemniflight was created.

In few simple steps, our services take in charge your case for your compensation claim regarding cancellation flight. The competence and the legal expertise of our team will allow you to maximise your chances to obtain your compensation. Indeed, composed of lawyers specialised in the transport sector and aeronautic experts, the companies will not be able to mock Indemniflight.

Indemniflight‘ s service for your cancelled flight

  • 1. Find out quickly if you are eligible

    In only 3 steps, we can confirm if you can expect a compensation. Find out immediately if the cancellation of your flight can lead to a compensation for this matter.

  • 2. We take care of your case free of charge

    The procedures started by Indemniflight to get the compensation for your cancelled flight is completely free. The communication with the company, the sending registered letters with acknowledgment of receipt, the lawyer fees. The case is taken in charge by our experts. All you have to do is to submit your case in our website. Here we go! With our service, you do not take any risk at all, you will pay only 30% (all taxes including) of commission from the value of compensation if your case is successful.

  • 3. Time saving

    The procedures in order to get your compensation of your cancelled flights are in general long and complex. Avoid any writing of claim letters, following up and spend hours of your time over the phone with companies, which usually do not speak your language. In case of proceedings, avoid wasting your time and money between lawyers fees, courts and the stress that can occur lawsuit steps. Our service make your life simple.

  • 4. Let our experts take control

    Our experts know perfectly all regulation that come into effect concerning cancelled flight. Following the submission of you case on our website, we guarantee a high level of client relationship experience. From the first contact with the company, through the progression of the judicial procedure, to the reception of your compensation, you have the possibility to contact us by email or online. Furthermore, on our platform, you are able to follow up and be updated about the status of your case any time. That’s their job! Therefore maximise your chances to win your case by using our services.

Our experts advise you!

The reimbursement of the ticket will be dealt more easily if you follow these following tips:

Be in time at the registration. This statement seems quite common, but in case of cancellation of your flight, the company can propose you an alternative flight earlier than what you expect. If you are late, you take the risk to miss the alternative flight, and as the results to lose your chance to get a compensation having missed your next flight.

Call for a proof from the company. This proof will allow you to justify the engagement of your procedure of compensation.

Keep all your documentation related to your flight safe. Indeed, the company may request irrelevant proofs to start the procedure. On the other hand, if you start the process with our service, our team will be able to demand a proof of purchase of your ticket in order to start the procedure on your behalf.

Keep any additional payment receipts, obviously it is clear that without documentation proving your spend caused by the cancellation of your flight, the company will not reimburse you.

Do not be confused between cancellation insurance and cancelled flight compensation. Indeed, the cancellation insurance suggested by companies or insurance agents, works in case of cancellation from your side due to an incident, an illness or an serious event that occurred in your private or professional life. This does not take in charge the cancellation of the flight due to the company. Therefore, all passengers eligible and starting the procedure, can benefit a compensation for cancellation of flight.

Take pictures: photograph the boarding screen displaying the cancellation of your flight, the proofs of the costs caused by the delay in case of loss, finally photograph also the time of your arrival in order to prove that your flight arrived later than expected.

The cancellation of flight caused by the air company is no longer a secret for you.

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