About us

We exist because …

72 % of passengers
don’t know their rights

6 % of passengers
eligibles to a compensation obtain it

World air traffic in billions of passengers

Indemniflight aims to defend passengers rights for the flights they do from or to the european union. We are used to deal with airline companies to make them respect the passenger’s rights.

We work in partnership with firms specialized in transportation law in order to go to court when a case needs it, for example when companies don’t prove the exact reasons why they refuse to compensate passengers.

The team

Babak Rashidi

Executive Director

Babak is a Digital specialist, working as IT Manager for more than 12 years. He always worked in a digital and cross device contexts and helps Indemniflight in IT and strategic orientation.

Edouard Delgatte

Executive Officer

Young and dynamic, Edouard is working on this project for several years now, and knows most of the cases we can face. He knows well the different airline customer services and is used to dialog with them. He also is in charge of our partnership with law firms.

Laurent Piepszownik

Strategic Orientation Committee

Laurent is President of Umanis, a french company specialized in Digital and Data Management. He helps Indemniflight building a long term business by his experience and creativity.

Olivier Pouligny

Strategic Orientation Committee

Olivier is CEO of Umanis, a french company specialized in Digital and Data Management. As a successful businessman, he helps Indemniflight for business and partnership development

Pauline Gaudet-Chardonnet


Pauline is our front-end developer. She is responsible of providing a simple and intuitive user experience to our visitors. She manages all the responsive issues and user interfaces.

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