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Your rights

The European Union has established specific rights for air travelers. In case of delay of more than 3 hours, a canceled or overbooked flight, airlines are required to offer monetary compensation. However, making a claim against an airline is tedious and claims are often abandoned.

Our service

The procedures to claim your financial compensation are long, complex and sometimes need to be decided in court. You can have us handle the process for you and thus maximise the chance of success.

Your compensation

We aim for you to receive the compensation that you are entitled to. We are only paid when we succeed, so there is no risk to you! Indemniflight charges 30% commission on any compensation received from an airline.

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3 clicks to calculate your compensation

Our system allows us to estimate your compensation. Quickly find out about your rights if you have experienced a problem with your flight.

Free Service

We handle the entire process to claim your compensation without need for any payment from you. You pay us only if we succeed with a success fee of 30% of the compensation

Time saving

The procedures to claim financial compensation in case of flight delay, cancellation or overbooking are long and complex. Avoid wasting hours in correspondance and phone calls with airlines customer centers.

Our experts take care of everything

Our legal experts know perfectly all procedures. It is their job! They are ready to defend your rights in court. Optimize your chances of success by having us assist you.

Last flights delayed and cancelled

  • EZS1174

    23/10/2018 OLB - EAP


  • EZS1110

    23/10/2018 SKG - EAP


  • EZS1173

    23/10/2018 EAP - OLB


  • AF644

    Air France 23/10/2018 ORY - RUN


  • U24440

    easyJet 22/10/2018 FUE - LYS


  • FR5413

    Ryanair 22/10/2018 MRS - KRK


  • U24419

    easyJet 22/10/2018 LYS - BCN


  • U24420

    easyJet 22/10/2018 BCN - LYS


  • FR5412

    Ryanair 22/10/2018 KRK - MRS


  • A53416

    Hop ! 22/10/2018 LIL - MRS


What do other clients say ?

How much can I claim ?

If your flight is eligible for financial compensation in case of Flight delay, cancellation or overbooking the amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on the distance of the trip:

250 €

Flight between 0 and 1500 km

You can claim € 250 compensation

400 €

Flight between 1500 and 3500 km

You can claim € 400 compensation

600 €

More than 3500 km flight

You can claim € 600 compensation

We are here to defend your rights

Delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights : this is our specialty. Indemniflight's team puts its expertise at your disposal and aims to make the claim easy for you