Vueling : Flight delay, cancel, compensation, claim… what to do ?

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Have you ever planned the best vacation and had it ruined because of a delayed flight ? Or maybe you had something important to do and an airline decides to frustrate you by delaying your flight ? Well, we have a way out. Filing an issue of flight delay or cancelation with Indemniflight can get you the right compensation and claim to take all the pain away.

It can actually be a daunting experience when you’ve made travel plans, and it doesn’t go the way you want it to.

With issues like this, that almost perfect trip can turn to a terror really quick. But look on the bright side, there’s always a way to resolve whatever issues you might come across.

Now, there are several reasons an airline company like Vueling can cancel a flight. Plus, there’s actually no legislature that says an airline operator has to give you any form of compensation when flights are canceled.

However, in spite of this, Vueling sees it as bad business to leave you, their customer, hanging without any compensation whatsoever for a delayed or canceled flight.

Some passengers may not be satisfied with just any compensation; they might demand more.

Luckily, we at Indemniflight can help with that. How ? Well, there are now numerous channels that can help you get what you want for your inconvenience.

With Indemniflight, you can easily claim your compensation. What you need to do is to file your claims with us

The company is well-equipped with the right lawyers to make sure you get your claims without any hassle.

Firstly you must create a case on our website and we’ll deal with the airline company to get your compensation in a series of processes stated below.

  1. You must give all the necessary information concerning your flight in Indemniflight’s system so that we will be able to assess the precise amount of compensation to be paid to you. Also, to verify your eligibility for compensation, some of the documents required to be completed are ID of passengers, booking, e-ticket, the boarding pass, and a signed mandate.
  2. After all the necessary documents have been completed and submitted, then with the data provided by you, the legal team and advisers would then go further to make a comprehensive analysis of your complaint which would then be used to obtain all important and relevant data, court decision and technical data surrounding your complaint to form a whole case.
  3. The complaint application by you would then be forwarded alongside a letter of intent from Indemniflight to the airline company informing them of the laws and regulations which they are bound to obey. This would in turn force the airline company to get in talks with Indemniflight on how compensation will be paid to you.
  4. Then in an eventuality the airline company outrightly refrains from paying due refunds without valid proof of reason then Indemniflight would be your defendant and help you sue the airline company all at no cost.
  5. And even if still the airline company doesn’t get to pay the due compensation, then be rest assured that Indemniflight would pay the required compensation to you albeit with a 30 % commission fee of the complete amount of compensation.

So, how about we talk about what you need to do when your flight is either canceled or delayed, as well as Vueling policies regarding these issues ?


What Happens When A Flight Is Delayed ?


As mentioned earlier, there’s actually nothing that says Vueling is obliged to give you anything when a flight is delayed. However, you should know that if you and other passengers get stuck onboard for more than three hours, then the airline will be fined a huge sum of money. So, they always try to avoid situations like this.

If your flight is delayed for more than two hours, then that’s a delayed flight. At this point, you should know that there are many options for you to choose from.

One of the options you have is to fly standby on any flight that’s available at that time.

You can also be rebooked to a sure seat on a flight that would take off in about 24hours from the time your original flight was meant to be in the air.

Now, those are two options. But you should know that you can also find yourself on a route that would include stops at airports close to you.

So, let’s say you happen to be on your way to the airport and somehow find out that there’s going to be a delay, you might as well cancel your flight and ask Vueling for a refund.

One good side of a flight delay is that some airlines actually give you coupons for meals at the airport. So, you can get discounts on a meal, or if you’re lucky, you can get them at no cost at all.


Now, What Happens When Your Flight Is Canceled ?


So, you know what happens when your flight is delayed. But what if the flight is canceled altogether. This can be frustrating, but you need to prepare your mind in case it happens.

Just as there are different airlines, there are also different policies when it comes to flight cancelation. For instance, if the airline is at fault for canceling the flight, they need to provide accommodations for non-local passengers.

Asides from these accommodations, some airlines can also help you with finding and booking rooms at hotels nearby.

However, if it’s as a result of bad weather, a strike, Air Traffic Control decisions, or anything that’s outside the control of the airline, then there might not be any provision for accommodations.


What You Can Do When Your Flight Is Canceled Or Delayed


There are diverse reasons why there is a delay or cancellation in the flight you are boarding. Also, it can be very disappointing. Little wonder those affected look so tired.

Imagine this happening after you have planned for a specific trip with friends, or you have a very important appointment to catch up with. There are some things you can actually do when your already booked flight gets canceled or delayed.

Some of these things include :

  • Ensure you know your rights

Whenever you think about what the law has to say when it comes down to your rights as it pertains to delayed and canceled flights, you will be surprised to find nothing to support such claims.

Using the United States as an example, the country does not have many rules and regulations that entitle an airline’s passengers to reimbursement in circumstances like this.

However, what you will be faced with from most airline operators or carriers is known as the contract of carriage. What this contract clearly states has to do with what passengers are meant to get should such delays and cancellations occur.

Whatever the contract of carriage has in its books ranges from :

  1. Vouchers ;
  2. Refunds, and ;
  3. Free accommodation.

However, when flying in Europe or onboard one of these European airlines, you will notice how different and passenger-friendly it is. Here, the passenger has so many rights that cannot be trampled on.

According to Regulation EC 261/2004, it states that if the flight you onboard get to its final destination roughly two hours late, or you may be denied boarding due to overbooking.

Note that the flight operators will end up reimbursing you. Every passenger is actually entitled to compensation that goes between €600-€700.

  • Endeavor to check the connecting status of your flight

In a situation of either canceled or delayed flights, the airline may end up not sending out notifications to you. This is because it has swiftly placed you on the next flight that they have made available.

What you will have to do is either call or try your best to contact the customer services once you get a modification on the status of your flight. In most scenarios, the airlines tend to rebook you on another flight automatically.

  • Make calls once you get the news

Make sure that you make some calls as quickly as possible once you hear the news about the cancellation or delay of your flight.

In circumstances wherein you have already rented a car at your destination, you will have to send notifications to the agency detailing all the changes in plans.

Furthermore, if you have a feeling that this flight delay will last deep into the night, plus the airline will not offset the hotel bills, it is better to book the room all on your own

  • Carry out some research

While seated with your luggage by your side, you can carry out some research on your very own. You should try checking out the US department of transportation for their report on travel consumers.

What this report will do is that it will supply you with enough information about the diverse reasons behind flight delays by these airline operators. Also, they get to maintain a list.

This is the list that actually monitors the reasons or causes of flight delays, and also, it lists out all the delayed flights in chronological order.

  • Exercise patience before complaining

When the regulation that is governing flight delays announce that a flight is being delayed, it will not take off for over three hours. And, until the three hours threshold is attained, make sure you do not go around casting complaints.

This is because you will be wasting the time of everyone and even yours with the incessant complaints. If you have your travel insurance, the policy will take about four hours to be activated after a flight delay.

You are free to call the insurance company when the three hours expire in a bid to see what you may get. Also, this will depend on the insurance provider and the sort of policy that you purchased.

  • Try to be awake and attentive

There are diverse instances wherein a carrier gets to announce that a flight delay will last for roughly three hours. And, the next thing, they may begin announcing that boarding will begin soon.

You can try to find someone that may be close by to wake you up since you may be tired at this point. If there is no one, you will have to stay awake.

Those who find themselves in situations wherein the flight is delayed before they get to the airport should nevertheless, get to the airport just the same way they would have acted if the flight schedule was still the same.

  • Ensure you check your credit card

The benefits and perks of travel protection come with some of our credit cards when there’s a flight delay. Some of these credit cards have packages that get to reimburse the customers should a flight be delayed for a period of time.

If you have always made use of such a credit card to book your tickets, they will likely refund you on this ticket.


How To Get Your Claims If Your Flight Is Canceled Or Delayed ?


When it comes down to issues that bother on canceled flights, EU Regulation 261/2004 has clearly spelled out all that the passengers are entitled to.

Nevertheless, it is only about two percent of passengers that are qualified and can further claim their annual compensation. What this means is that the rest ninety-eight percent are steep in ignoring their entitlement when it comes to canceled flights.

Furthermore, this aspect of the article will assist in helping you claim whatever it is that is due to you by an airline operator. Your compensation can either be claimed by you, through a lawyer or via third party companies such as Indemniflight.

However, in a situation whereby you are on your own, there are steps you can follow. They include:

  • Get enough details of the airline

The first thing you want to do is get enough information on the airline that operates the flight rather than the company where you booked your flight. We at Indemniflight, need this information to make sure you get your claim.

Also, you can get in touch with them, or better still, leave that to us. If you’re contacting them, make sure you will be reaching out to them in a way that is appropriate and not rude.

Even though some airlines demand that you fill an online form, others may as well demand that you contact them through their postal address. The simplest way to do this is through email.

  • Describe the incidence

What is expected here is that your letter or the form that you send to the airline should vividly describe all that happened, the amount of money to are entitled to for your disrupted flight, and the quote from EC 261.

Escalate your claim to an NEB; National Enforcement Body Or Any ADR; Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme

If you still find yourself dissatisfied with the airline’s conduct, you can always take further actions to get your claims. There are diverse ADRs for you to contact. A favored ruling from one will have the airline bound to the judgment.

However, you can also contact NEB, although their ruling is not binding. In the end, your choice of a regulator will rely on the country in which the airline is actually based, plus your itinerary. The issue can also be taken to court as well.

Going through a lawyer is actually time-consuming, but you will have to demand some sort of forum to meet up and talk about the circumstances that led to the delay or cancellation of the flight.

In all honesty, going through a lawyer is much more difficult than some other options, like going through Indemniflight. This is a seasoned company that has expertise in tackling all compensation claims.

To pass through a third-party company like Indemniflight, you’ll need the address of this third party to aid you in getting your claim. Our role as a third-party company when you notify us about these claims include:

We will prepare and file your claim in your name and take on the role of your representative in front of the airline.

We will naturally get in touch with the airline operator after cross-checking every detail. We will oversee the entire process.

In cases where we will need to escalate the compensation claim complaints to an ADR, the company has prepared lawyers that will represent you.


Wrapping It Up


You now have an idea of what to do if your flight gets canceled or delayed. If you are to contact the airline on your own in a bid to claim your compensation, make sure you have an in-depth understanding of the EC 261 details.

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