How does it work ?

Vérifier si vous pouvez obtenir une indemnisation pour votre vol.
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100 000 passagers ont récupéré des indemnisations avec Indemnifight.

Why can I get compensation ?

EC 261 states that air passengers must be financially compensated if their flight is canceled, overbooked or arrives to destination with more than three hours delay.
Thanks to this regulation, you can pretend to financial compensations from €250 to €600 if the airline company does not respect its obligations

How can I get my financial compensation ?

Airline companies must inform you of your rights to financial compensation in case of cancellation, delay or overbooking. But, they rarely respect this duty. You can create a case on our website and let us deal with the airline company to get your compensation. We won’t charge you anything until we had not get your compensation. If we succeed in getting your fianancial compensation, we’ll charge you 30% of the amount of the compensation (e.g. if the compensation is 400€, we will charge you 100€).

To be sure to obtain your compensation and get your right respected by the airlines, you can let us know your trouble in 2 clics and for free. Our legal expert take care of your case.

A 5 steps process

Every day we are in correspondence with hundreds of airlines around the world to enforce your rights. With their expertise, our legal experts have developed specific process to get your compensation. Let us help you.

Checking your eligibility and submitting your case

With the information you provide, our legal experts are able to make a thorough study of your case.We collect court decisions regarding your case and all the necessary elements (weather bulletin, technical data of your plane …) and constitute a complete record.

2 minutes to be set

Detailed study of your case

Enter information about your flight in our system and we will be able to determine exactly what may be the amount of your compensation.If this first step indicates that you are eligible, there are only a few clicks to file your case.

Documents necessary for completion of your issue : ID of passengers, booking, e-ticket, the boarding pass, signed mandate.

Our legal expertise for free

Correspondance amicably with the airline company

Your application being made, we write a first letter of complaint that we submit to the company.We remind them and the laws to which they are subject.

We take care to discuss with the company assets based on your complaint and we take care of getting your compensation.

We deal the communication with the airline company

Legal Procedures

If the airline refuses to pay compensation without providing sufficient justification, we bring your case to court. Our lawyers and defend your rights against airlines.

All this remains entirely free for you !

Your rights defended in court

Receiving compensation

Without having paid nothing, we pay compensation to your account minus a 30% commission of the total amount of compensation. The Commission will support our expense procedures.

If we fail, you have nothing to pay.


Your compensation to your account



Our engagements

No gain, No fee

We handle all the costs arising from the procedure, including in the case of legal proceedingsIf you actually indemnified by the airline, payment for the service is made only on the basis of a commission of 30% VAT.
No compensation, no fees !

Personal case monitoring

You can follow the progress of your case directly to the customer area of ​​our website.The procedure is performed seamlessly.
With our experience we know all the tricks to save time in these procedures can be lengthy.

A network of lawyers for your case

Our legal experts and our network of lawyers specializing in aviation law work on the specifics of your case.With our expertise and experience, we will not hesitate to pursue the airline to court to assert your rights.

Protection of your data

We use the personal data you provide us with the utmost care and in accordance with the law.Your personal data is only used internally and is not shared with any third party.

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