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Whether it is for a business trip, or to go on holidays, we all take flights.
Imagine, you are there, in the middle of the airport, impatient to get on your plane and you are being told that unfortunately your flight is delayed. Annoyed and disappointed, you are unsure on how to react or what should be done. This delayed flight completely changes your schedule and you would like that justice is served! Do not worry, you can claim a refund or a compensation on your delayed flight under certain conditions.
Indermniflight is here to remind you of your rights and to help you in the next steps to follow.

Your rights in case of a delayed flight

Since the 11th February and the entry into force of the European Union Regulation 261/264, the rights of air passengers in the event of flight delays, cancellations or restrictions of boarding a plane have become more straightforward. It is according to 2 judgments that the European Court of Justice specifies, that in case of a delayed flight of more than 3 hours, you are, under certain circumstances, eligible for a refund. The airline company must therefore refund you or compensate you.

However, if your flight has been delayed because of an exceptional circumstance, that is, a spontaneous circumstance that could not have been avoided by the company, you may not be eligible for a compensation. Additionally, if the carrier amends the flight schedule up to 2 weeks before departure, you also may not receive a compensation. In the opposite case, you may receive a compensation due to delayed flight. This is called a refund delayed flight. The airline may possibly offer you alternative flights.

However, the amount of your compensation regarding delayed flight varies depending on the distance of the journey. This is applicable for any flight that departs from or arrives at European Union zone. The compensation of passengers is up to:

  • 250 euros for a flight less than 1500 Km
  • 450 euros for a flight between 1500 and 3500 km
  • 600 euros for a flight over 3500 Km

All passengers have rights when their flight is delayed, it is crucial to share this information so that 72% of the population that may not be aware of it are enlightened. It would be ideal to think “delayed flight compensation’’ as soon as you have a delayed flight. You have rights and it is important to know them in order to assert them.

European flights regulations

The rights of air passengers traveling within the European Union (EU) cover several aspects. These rights mainly concern delayed, cancelled flights, restrictions of boarding a plane or various issue with luggage. Depending on where a passenger is, rights do vary regarding the location. The criterion of used airspace adds to the total duration of the delay and the flight distance for the determination of compensation for delayed flights. It is Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, also called EC 261, which regulates all the rights of air passengers since 2004.

Your first right is to be informed on the European Regulation CE 261 content. European companies must make this information available on the check-in counters. If a flight is delayed more than 5 hours, the air passenger is entitled for a re-route on an alternative flight. There also may be a compensation for a delayed flight. This is applicable except for delays that involve spontaneous and exceptional events. Airplane delay and handling compensation standards apply to all European airspace indicated by European Regulation EC 261. This guideline also applies to Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and the outermost regions. In addition, this European regulation protects travellers who use European airlines to the EU. This is also legitimate for passengers on international flights departing from Europe to an international destination.

In the European Union, cancelled flights are also covered by EC Regulation 261 in the same way as delayed flights. Cancellation of covered flights are concern those notified less than 14 days before your trip. Nevertheless, there will not be compensation if you receive an offer for an alternative flight fulfilling all conditions. If you not wish to take another flight that the one originally planned, you can receive a full refund of your flight ticket. You also have the right to claim financial compensation. In case of an overbooking, you are entitled to a compensation for being denied boarding a plane identical to a delayed flight.

Compensation request for international flights

For a delayed domestic national flight in the United States, precautions must be taken in order to claim compensation. In practise, you must gather the necessary information to negotiate compensation directly with the airline for the inconveniences caused. It should be noted that however, the carrier is not obligate to indemnify you for the delayed flight in this context. For international flights which the countries concerned (including the US and Europe) are members of the Montreal Convention, it is important to be aware of the details of the incident. Moreover, carefully keep your receipts in case you have fees after the delayed flight. For international flights that need to stop over in the European Union, you may be able to claim additional compensation. By relying on Indemniflight, you put every chance on your side to receive the highest compensation possible.

A long and complex procedure

You are now aware of your rights, but you are still unsure on how to start your procedure. For a flight compensation claim delayed due to dissatisfaction, airlines will tell you that the steps to take are very simple. All you have to do is send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. However, airlines are still very reluctant to pay compensate their passengers.

That is why majority of the time, they drag the procedure by constantly requesting missing documents or even going to court by pretending that ‘’ a spontaneous and exceptional factor’’ occurred, which are still very vague and difficult to determine. Today, only 2% of passengers who are victims of a delayed flight obtain their compensation. The long, complex and sometimes very expensive process of applying for a compensation, is very difficult to obtain alone against a major airline company. That is why Indemniflight guides you in the procedure to get your delayed flight refund.

The delays maximum for claiming compensation in case of a delayed, overbooked… internationally

In Europe, your right in regards to a delayed flight varies from a country to another. Deadlines can range from 1 to 10 years. For example, you are eligible to apply for a delayed flight compensation 6 years after the incident in the United Kingdom. This delay does not exceed 5 years in France, 3 years in Germany and 2 years in Italy. When you use our services, you will not have to worry about the country where you will submit your claim. We take care of choosing for you the country where the legislation regarding delayed flights is the most favourable. In contrast to the regulation in the EU, the Montreal Convention sets a maximum delay of 2 years for international flights for air travel claims. Even if the maximum periods of compensation seem long, we advise you to act as soon as possible. Thus, you optimize your chances of winning.

Indemniflight is a Parisian start-up that was created to assist you in claiming your rights and your compensation in case of a delayed flight with ease. Therefore, our experts will conduct, free of charge, your delayed flight procedure on your behalf.
You will just have to submit a form on our website. Our experts will take care of obtaining your delayed flight compensation for you.
If the airline company does not wish to pay you the compensation you are entitled to, our lawyers will take your case to court. Once the compensation obtained, Indemniflight only takes 30% (including all taxes) of the compensation paid by the company. Do not hesitate to claim your compensation rights with Indemniflight.

To maximise your chances to receive your delayed flight compensation

As a first step, our team suggests that you keep all the documents relating to your flight. For example, if you have experienced a delayed flight with Air France, you can obtain a compensation. Indeed, your passengers’ rights allow you to be refunded for a delayed Air France flight, but also for other airline companies. Therefore, the proofs of fees payments incurred due to delay must be kept.

You are then advised to claim a certificate of delay from the airline company which you have travelled with. For they must take care of all the meal costs, hotels or other accommodations and transports. In order to benefit these advantages, it is mandatory to not give up on boarding your plane. However, if you give up on taking your flight, you will not be eligible for these rights.

A simple and efficient step with Indemniflight!

You would like to know if you can claim a delayed flight compensation? Do it in 3 clicks and it’s free! If you then decide to file your claim, our team of experts will begin to process your claim in order for you to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

In a few simple steps, our service takes care of your file for your claim. The skills and the legal expertise of our teams will allow you to optimize your chances of obtaining your compensation.

1st step: Find out quickly if you are eligible:

In only 3 clicks, enter your flight number and the date of the flight on our website and check for free if you can claim a delayed flight compensation. If your flight passes this first verification, you can then file your claim on our site.

You can then quickly and easily submit your application by answering a few questions. You will also be able to download one or multiple documents necessary for your claim, such as the booking confirmation, the electronic ticket and / or boarding passes.

2nd step: Taking care of your claim, without paying!

We rely on our global flight and weather database to review your file. In addition, we ensure that your claim complies with the 261/2004 regulation. As soon as you submit your file, our experts will take your claim. We then fully commit to the crucial procedures to recover the compensation for the delay of your flight, without any charges. Following this, we will contact the airline.

3rd step: Time Saving

The procedures for obtaining the compensation which you are entitled to are generally long and complex.
Avoid writing claim letters, chasing updates and spending hours on the phone. We have the experience and expertise to act at the right time. Indeed, airlines do not easily accept compensation. They drag elements along, ask for unnecessary documents and take weeks to respond each time.

If we fail to get a positive result on our first attempt, a lawyer will make sure you get the compensation you deserve by bringing your case to court. Throughout this process, we will choose the fastest and most effective action plan.

4th step: Optimize your chances of getting your compensation

By going through our service, and letting our experts take care of all the necessary procedure to obtain your compensation, you optimize your chances of winning. Indeed, fighting alone against a big airline is very difficult and often leads nowhere. Our experts, on the other hand, are perfectly familiar with all the procedures that come into effect in the context of a delayed flight. It’s their job!

With our service, you will not have to pay when filing your claim. Indeed, with Indemniflight, the entire procedure is done without paying even a Euro. It is only at the end of the procedure, and only if it is successful that we take 30% of the total amount of compensation that the airline will pay. Therefore, you are not required to advance any funding.

Check now if you are eligible for a delayed flight compensation.

Every day we communicate with several airlines based in Europe and around the world. We would be delighted to offer you our expertise in the handling of complaints from airlines.

Do not hesitate to start your procedure with Indemniflight!

Indemniflight Service for your delayed flight

In a few simple steps, our agents take the responsibility for your case for delayed flight compensation claim. Our skilled and legal expert teams will increase your chances of obtaining your compensation.

  • 1. Find out quickly if you are eligible

    In only 3 clicks, we find out if you can expect a compensation. Find out immediately if you delay covers the requires criterion to receive a compensation.

  • 2. Submit your claim request for free

    We start legal proceedings free of charge to obtain your compensation for your delayed flight. You do no pay anything in case we win the case, we only take 30% (all taxes including) of commission.

  • 3. Save time

    The procedures to obtain your compensation for the delay of your flight are in general long and tedious. Avoid the writing of claim declarations, chasing updates and spending hours on the phone.

  • 4. Let our experts take control

    Our experts know perfectly all regulations that come into effect concerning delayed flight. That is their job! Therefore, maximise your chances to obtain profit by choosing our services.

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