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Thanks to Indemniflight, passengers can get their compensation claims without hassles.  This is done online, conveniently, and quickly. Going through other companies comes with their drawbacks. Many of them waste a lot of time trying to get air passengers their claims. With indemniflight, there isn’t any worry about your claims being delayed. Within a period of a few weeks, you’ll get your claims.

All you have to do is contact the company. File your compensation claims. There is already a capable team in place to assist you in every step of the way.  You do not have to do it all by yourself.  If you do, the chances of getting your compensation claims reduces. With Indemniflight, however, the experience it has makes sure you get what is rightfully yours.


When your flight gets canceled


Airline operators have devised strategies in which flight cancelation is dealt with, and these strategies differ from airline to airline. An airline operator will assist in the provision of free accommodation for their affected non-local passengers if they take full responsibility for the delay.

Strike, adverse weather conditions, decisions made by the Air Traffic Control, amongst others, are factors in which the airline operators will absolve themselves of any blame. The best some airline operators can do is to assist some of their affected passengers to get hotel rooms in the nearest hotels.


What happens if your flight is delayed ?


In the event of a flight delay, the airline operators aren’t compelled by duty to appease the passengers with any form of compensation. However, when passengers are stuck on board for three or more hours waiting for the take-off of their airline, the operator of such an airline is fined a huge amount.

Several airlines explained a delayed flight to be that in which the flight doesn’t take off for two or more hours. There are two alternatives that a passenger can pick from in such situations as this. One of them is to board another available flight and fly standby. You also have the option of rebooking into a confirmation seat that is planning on taking off within the next 24 hours of your original flight.

It is crucial for air passengers to know that there’s a high chance of winding up on a route that features different airports that are close by when they are rebooked.

You’re better able to get a refund when you get news about the delay on your flight as you’re en route to the airport. Some other incentives offered by some airlines include meal coupons that are given at a discount rate or totally free.


What should you do when your flight is delayed or canceled?


As has been previously stated, many factors, including those that are under the control of the airline operators and those that are, sometimes lead to flight delay or cancelation. It is a mixture of disappointment and anger when you hear the news about the cancelation or the delay of your flight.

Whichever the case may be, here are the things you should do.

When you get the news, make some calls


You will need to make some necessary calls when you get the news about flight delays as well as a cancelation. For instance, if you’ve already booked a car at your desired destination, you’re obligated to get their contacts and let them know about the delay. If you’ve been informed that the airline operator wouldn’t be covering your accommodation bills, do so yourself.


Do some research


Arriving at an airport with heavy luggage and finding out your flight has been canceled can actually be quite frustrating. However, you can put this to positive use by checking the Bureau of Transportation States. They publish a list of the causes of flight delays and arrange the delayed flights in a list chronologically.

Another place to check is the U.S Department of Transportation, which has a list called the travel consumer’s report. This report has within its pages a monthly run down or breakdown about reasons why a delay happened.


Check the status of your flight


Ensure you check the status of your flight as soon as a delay is announced. A lot of airline operators do not let their passengers know that they have been put on the next available flight. What you should do is to contact the airline’s customer services to know or get an update concerning the status of your flight. The course of action of many airlines is to rebook you automatically on a different flight to your destination.


Exercise your right


With regards to canceled or delayed flights, the law of the land has little or nothing to say. Regardless of the circumstances, the United States lacks sufficient regulations to compensate their passengers or provide any form of reimbursement.
The Contact of Carriage is what guides most airline operators in coming up with suitable compensation. Also, the Contact of Carriage outlines benefits like a refund, free accommodation, as well as vouchers.

The experience and benefits favor passengers that patronize European airlines or those flying in Europe. The Regulation EC 261/2004 empowers passengers with many rights. It clearly says that an airline operator will reimburse an affected passenger(s) to the tune of € 600-700 if the flight they board gets to their destination about two hours or more late, or if overbooking leads an airline to deny you boarding.


Check your credit card


In situations where flight delays or cancelation occurs, some credit card companies have traveling incentives that allow passengers to get some sort of compensation if their flights are delayed for a certain duration of time. Passengers who use such credit cards to purchase tickets regularly can have access to this benefit when they’d get delayed.


Before you complain, take a moment


The delay will have to last for more than three hours before you can legally call it a delay. Any duration shorter than that will not get you any response from the airline. Ensure you utter no complaint when this duration of time hasn’t been met.

Purchasing a travel insurance policy will also help you in this situation. All you’ve got to do is to contact your insurance policy provider to get information about what you’re entitled to. Your entitlement will ultimately depend on the kind of services you as well as your service provider.

Be at alert


Being alert is very important because so many airlines are in the habit of suddenly announcing boarding when they’ve already announced a three-hour delay. Make sure your ears are on the ground to make sure you hear the announcement being made.

If you feel too tired and you need a quick nap, get someone that will be nice enough to wake you up.

Getting your claims on delayed or canceled flights


On matters that surround canceled flights, the Regulation 261/2004 has already outlined what each category of passengers is entitled to. A report disclosed that only 2 percent of passengers who are eligible or qualified could successfully claim their compensation yearly.

This means that the remaining 98 percent are not in the know about what they’re supposed to get when their flights are delayed or canceled. Getting your claim on your own, going through a lawyer, and a competent third-party company is some of the ways to get your claims. A third party company that readily comes to mind is indemniflight.


Getting it personally


This alternative doesn’t guarantee success, and we don’t advise you to follow this channel: However, here are a few steps you’ll need to follow :


Contact the airline in particular


A lot of passengers make the error of contacting the company where they booked their flights instead of the airline in question. So, you need to make sure you reach out to the airline in the proper way.
Some airline operators will request that you fill forms. For convenience, it is always advisable to contact them via email. Some others, however, prefer passengers to reach them through their postal address.

Give a lucid description of the incidence


You should know that the airline operator will request that you pen down a letter or form to determine how much you’ll be paid. The write-up or form

Will include what really happened, how much money you stand to get, as well as a genuine quote from the EC 261 or the EU Regulation 161/2004.

Another option is to go through your lawyer. The limitation posed by going through a lawyer or is that success is not assured. Indemniflight is your best option for getting your compensation claims within a short period.

Third-party company


When you talk about adequate knowledge of the EU Regulation 261/2004 and how to get you your claims, no other alternative is more beneficial than this. When you take your complaints to indemniflight, they’ll follow the following sequence of action.

  • Indemniflight will prepare as well as file your case in your name and act as a representative before the airline.
  • They will get in touch with the airline operator to get your claim after they must have examined the situation regarding your claim.
  • If it is needed, they’ll push your case up until it gets to an ADR, an NEB, or a competent court and also represents you very well.

Going through this third party company increases your chances of getting your compensation claims. Indemniflight offers air passengers the opportunity to get their claims and compensation readily.


What you get when your flight is delayed?


There are several benefits you get depending on how long the duration of the delay is. For two hours or more delay, affected passengers get to have free food and drinks, which are in direct proportion to the duration of the delay; they also get a journey and an accommodation to and from the airport, they get access to phones and emails as well.

For three or more hours of delay on your flight, you’re entitled to all those incentives that are afforded to those who are delayed for two or more hours including a compensation depending on the distance of your journey, and also the length of the delay. Passengers who are affected with five or more hours of delay get all those other benefits, including a full refund of their flight, a free flight back to their airport of departure, and so much more.


What You Should Do In Situations Of Strikes Or Overbooking Of Flights


Strikes can take place owing to several issues. These issues include poor staff welfare, unfavorable government policies, etc.  Strikes can ground your flights and lead to their cancelation. In such situations, indemniflight is always available to assist you.

You do not have to miss your flight and your compensation at the same time. All it takes is for you to contact them and file your case. The appropriate steps will be taken to get your compensation claims speedily.

Flight overbooking maybe as a result of the error on the part of the airline operator. You’ll naturally be charged double if that happens. Don’t be bothered because indemniflight has got your back. It is now easier to alleviate the errors due to overbooking of flight as well as strikes.

Wrapping it up


Ensure you do not jeopardize the chances of your case by taking the wrong step. This may be pursuing it by yourself or going through a lawyer that may not be competent enough. It is in your best interest to go through indemniflight. With a structure that is geared towards success, there is a high probability you’ll get your claims.

No other third party company does it better than indemniflight. This is because, while they lack the necessary expertise to tackle compensation claims, Indemniflight does not. Our successes speak for themselves. Over the years, we’ve been able to assist passengers in getting their compensation claims online. Thereby eliminating any stress that may be involved. No matter the issue you have regarding flights, contact this company today.

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