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Long-delayed flights increasingly affect travelers especially in European countries, which have one of the busiest airports in the world. So, if you are a frequent traveler, you might have faced long-delayed flights, which are a common cause of frustration and hassle for passengers.

If you have faced this situation, you should be thankful to your airline because you are not alone. Every year, long-delayed flights affect millions of passengers across the world. Also, there is a large number of airline companies that have failed to cope up with the situation and end up increasing their cost.

So, what you need to do about a flight delay or canceled flights? First, you should rely on your airline traveler to get compensations for long-delayed flights. For instance, if you are traveling through Flybe, you must be aware of their compensation policies.

However, if you do not get a satisfactory reply from them, you must contact indemniflight, which will take up your case with the concerned airline company. However, you need to know more about your passenger rights and how to claim flight insurance and refunds. Here are some details which are helpful to know your passenger rights by getting the best customer service form airline companies.


Understanding of long-delayed flights ?


If you frequently travel through the air, you must have heard of long-delayed flights. However, no one exactly knows the reasons for flight delays. The airline companies announce the reasons for delays. However, passengers usually do not believe them as they do not tell the exact time to resolve the issue.

So, you can face delays and canceled flights due to reasons including bird strikes, waiting for cargos, weather conditions, and air traffic restrictions. However, your airline company takes the responsibility to accommodate you in the next available flight.

However, if you do not get your next flight within two to three hours, then you are eligible for compensation under several laws that are enacted by the European Union and other countries.


Initial steps to manage the ramifications of long-delayed flights


Make sure you are in contact with your airline company if you face flight delays. In most cases, the airline may tell you the real issues. So, you can calculate the possible delays and hassles and cancel your flight as soon as possible to avoid further inconvenience.

However, you need to complain about the cancellation of relevant authorities. You can make a complaint with civil aviation authorities and airline regulators who are responsible for airline traffic and also check for passenger inconvenience in case an airline company does not provide satisfactory services.

Besides, you can also directly file a complaint with the airline company’s customer services. You should wait for two to three days before you get a satisfactory reply from your airline. However, if they fail to respond to you, you should then write a letter to the airline regulators about the behavior of your airline company and the hassles you faced for booking a flight with them.


How to get compensation for delayed flights ?


Long-delayed flight compensations are refunds that a passenger can claim on his behalf to get compensated for his time and the difficulties he faced for booking another flight. Almost 72% of the passengers do not know about their compensation rights.

So, only 6% of passengers get their claims approved because they do not either file a claim or they fail to present their case strongly.

However, under the European Union Flight compensation regulation, you can get as much as $281 to $676 for your delayed and canceled flights. All you need is to file an authentic claim with your airline company and make sure that you follow up your complaint.


What are your rights as a passenger to get compensations?


You might have faced a long-delayed flight. However, did you claim insurance, or you just sent a letter to your airline company? If you have just sent an insurance claim and waited for your compensations then you might not have been aware of your passenger rights.

You are secured under European Union Regulations if you travel from Europe. So, you must know your rights as 8 million people across the world are eligible for delayed-flight compensations, and only 2% of them are aware of why they are eligible for it.

So, if you frequently travel to and from Europe, you should not wait to claim your compensations with indemniflight, which offers the ease and comfort of getting your claims cleared within days. All you need is to visit our website and enter your flight details with a valid address where we can send your compensation amounts.

Make sure you are aware of Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, which is rules in favor of passengers for assuring their rights. However, you need to check your eligibility as a passenger to get compensations.


How to know if you are eligible for compensation?


It’s important to understand that if you are eligible for compensations in case of delayed or canceled flight. However, if you are continuously boarding a disrupted flight then the airline owes you more money than your eligibility under EC 261. In this case, you can file a lawsuit in court and demand compensations according to your ruined time and difficulties you have faced. However, your eligibility for compensations resides one:

If you faced a long-delayed or canceled flight

If your flight is delayed or canceled anywhere in Europe, then you are eligible for compensation. Besides, if you fly to Europe with a European airline, then you are eligible. However, if the airline announces the delay before 14 days of your flight or the delay is caused due to an extraordinary circumstance, then you are not eligible.

If you are not allowed to board

If you are not allowed to board in your flight and the next flight is arranged after two hours, then you are eligible for compensations of $281 to $676. Besides, you will also be ensured a full refund of your reservation if you are denied boarding in Europe.


How to claim for compensation from an Airline ?

File a claim

If you face flight delay and want to claim for compensation then you have to complain about the airline depending upon the duration of the delay and cause behind the cancellation of a flight.

So, things you must do to claim for your compensation from an airline are as follows :

  • Submit your complete details and contact with your airline ;
  • Stay relax and wait for the quick response from the airline to see if there is a compensation against your flight delay ;
  • Take your money or the flight as compensation against your flight delay.


Take up your case to relevant authorities and regulators


During traveling, if you encounter flight delay or cancellation and want reimbursement then you should take your case to relevant authorities and regulators who act as a checker for your compensation claim.

Relevant authorities will offer you a legal point of you regarding your flight compensation depending upon the country of flight delay. For further details, you can visit us for claim your flight compensation.

Occasionally, you do not need relevant authorities and regulators just because airlines offer complete assistant online for any claim or other queries. Also, there are front desks of airlines located at many airports.

Thus, always reach the relevant authorities and regulators in the case where airline rejects to respond to your flight delay compensation.

File a lawsuit in court


If you did not get your flight compensation and the airline rejects to offer you compensation then you should file a lawsuit in claim courts. You can use the legal forum of small courts to file a lawsuit against your airline. Courts have their rules against the issue of flight delays especially in Europe and the UK.

So, if you find your airline rejecting your flight compensation, then you must take the airline to the court for the compensation claim in a certain circumstance.


How to claim compensations with Flybe ?

Flybe history, baggage, destination

Flybe is one of the reputed airlines located in Exeter, England and established in 1979. The airline is working across 71 different airports both in regions of the UK and Europe as well and fly around 12 countries and carries nearly 8 million people over 189 different air routes.

Flybe allows total of 33kg of baggage both for checked and carry-on. You can take 10kg in the plane and rest you can board. In case of the extra weight of your baggage, Flybe charges with £50 per item depending upon the size and weight of the item.

You can book you extra baggage through Flybe while paying some little amount of money against your items you want to take with you.

Flybe has various destinations in 12 different countries of Europe and the UK. However, popular destinations of Flybe include Belgium, Antwerp, France, Avignon, Germany, Berlin-Tegel, Ireland, and Cork.

Many other event-based or airline’s purpose-based flights have their different destinations according to airline’s needs.


Possible hassles in getting your claim approved ?


Sometimes, you are not eligible in getting your flight delay claim approval. There are some reasons or you can say hassles you may encounter. You can get registered with your email to book your tickets and can contact the airline directly in case of flight delay approval.

Besides, other possible hassles you may face in getting your flight delay claim include :

  • Poor weather situations limiting the flight to fly ;
  • Terrorism risks or threats ;
  • Civil or political unrest;
  • Technical failure of the airplane ;
  • The sickness of airline’s staff members.

Moreover, these are hassles that you may face abnormally. Other usual hassles may involve poor check and balance, unannounced cancellation of flight due to late arrival of flight pilot, holding bookings for a long time, and poor communication with your travel agent as well.

How much amount do you get as compensation ?


If you have encounter flight delay and you want your complete compensation against the unwanted and forceful flight delay, then you can get the amount as compensation.

Always think before you book your tickets with an airline because experienced travelers know better about airlines and their way of dealing with their customers. So, if you lack travel experience or purchasing a ticket by a new airline you should know how much amount you can get as compensation.

However, if you are traveling within the European region then you can get more than €600 compensation per traveller.


Are there any possibilities of a strike if you do not get compensations ?


The strike is not a possibility, but an activity you can take against your airline. However, if you do not get your compensation then you must at least raise your voice so that management of airline looks after your flight delay issue.

You can get your compensation by the airline at your postal address. You can strike technically not physically, as flight delay is not an individual issue, but a collective one. Therefore, whenever, you need to strike against your airline you must follow a proper guideline or procedure  to get complete compensation against your flight delay.




In conclusion, this paper offers clear and detailed information regarding your flight delay compensation. If you face, flight delay, cancellation, compensation, claim then you have to follow any of the possible procedures and take action accordingly. However, you do not need to go physically to the airline, as the online visibility of airlines has its legal identity and thus, responsible for the actions.

Always think about the airline and its previous status in the marker, then select the airline and make your journey safe and easy. Therefore, do not waste your flight rights ever and always consider your rights as a support for your flight delays. Always be patient and wait for more than 3 hours and then you can claim your compensation through any flight while traveling in the UK or Europe.

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