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Glasgow Airport: flights canceled & delay compensation guide


If your flight at Glasgow airport is canceled or delayed, you are entitled to claim compensation from the airline. This compensation can be in various forms. However, it is conditional to various factors as well.

In any case, in the event of flight irregularity, what could be your course of action for compensation of the canceled flightsor delayed flight?

What are you entitled to, if anything?

In which circumstances does the airline owe you, and how much?


How can you claim compensation?


This article helps you understand your compensation entitlement if you have booked a flight with any European airline, and it got canceled or delayed at any European airport including Glasgow airport in Scotland.

It is also a guide about how you can claim compensation if you have had a bad experience of flight cancellation at Glasgow airport.

Passenger rights are listed in EC261 in Europe rule book. The purpose of these rules is to oblige airlines to do the right thing for their passengers. They state that all passengers must receive compensation and care if their boarding is denied or delayed heavily at an airport, despite the fact that they had shown up on time.

Although these regulations apply to all flights from a European airport and on all airlines anywhere in the world, sometimes airlines fail to adhere to the rules, and they also misinform passengers about their entitlement. Such circumstances are where things might take an ugly turn, and the passengers feel annoyed and irritated with the customer service of airlines- so much annoyed that they decide not to travel with them again.


Flyers’ Rights


Under European Union regulations EC261, passengers have their rights if their flight is delayed, canceled, or boarding is denied due to any reason. These regulations oblige airlines to facilitate their passengers by covering the following:

  • If a flight has been canceled or delayed for several hours, the airline must look after its passengers. This includes providing passengers with food, drinks, and communication means. If the flight delay is overnight, this includes providing passengers with accommodation, such as hotels and transportation facility so that they can travel between hotels and airports.
  • In case of a flight cancellation, the airline is obliged to arrange an alternative flight to its passengers or make a full refund. Even if the flight was canceled less than 14 days before the scheduled departure, the passengers are entitled to compensation.
  • A denial of boarding or ‘bumping’ a passenger from flight should be followed by the arrangement of an alternate flight or a refund by the airline.

Passengers are entitled to get a full refund if the flight is delayed for more than 5 hours, and because of this they no purpose or desire to travel.

This is applicable to all inbound and outbound flights at Glasgow airport.


Claiming your rights by making a “claim” to obtain “compensation”


The EU airlines have several obligations towards passengers in case of a a delayed flight. They should respect and adhere to these obligations imposed on them by the rule book. These obligations include:

  • Passengers must be informed on the reason the flight is delayed, and when they are expected to take
  • Provide food and beverages.
  • Facilitate communication means such as phone calls and emails.
  • Provide accommodation if the flight is delayed overnight
  • Provide transportation for traveling between the airport and the hotel, in case of an overnight stay
  • Pay for day to day expenses, such as toiletries, if the delay is heavy

In case, a passenger has made certain expenses during his waiting period; those expenses must be reimbursed by the airline. However, these must be reasonable expenses. Such as inevitable expenses for routine life.

Note: Passengers must keep the receipts of these expenses for the record. This is to provide evidence for making claims. In the absence of receipts, most airlines are not willing to compensate for these expenses.


How much can you claim for compensation in case of delay, canceled?


For every delayed or cancelled a flight, the compensation ranges between €250 and €600 per passenger. The amount of compensation depends on the distance of the journey. It goes like:

  1. €250 for flights lesser than 1500 km
  2. €400 for flights between 1500 km and 3500 km. The reimbursed amount will remain €400 for flights over 3500km if your flight took off and arrived in the EU.
  • €600 for more than 3500 km flight. This compensation will be reduced to half if the delay is between three to four hours.

Note: The compensation can be made in various forms. It can be through cash, cheque, online funds transfer, bank orders, or signed agreement in travel vouchers and/or other services.


When to make a “claim”?


Different EU countries have different policies on the time limit within which a claim for compensation can be made. The rule book EC261 does not indicate a limitation period for making a claim. For Glasgow airport, the time limit within which you can claim compensation depends upon the origin of the airline. It is as follows:

1 year – Belgium and Poland

2 years – Croatia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Iceland Slovakia

2 years 4 months – Italy

3 years – Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden

5 years – Bulgaria France, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, Scotland

6 years – Cyprus, Ireland, the UK (except Scotland)

10 years – Luxembourg

No limit – Malta

Indemniflight can help you claim and secure reimbursement for canceled flights based on these time limits.

So, If your boarding was denied due to any reason at Glasgow airport, Scotland, you can file your claim for compensation within 5 years. The airline is bound to pay you up to 600 Euros as compensation.


When “compensation” is impossible


There are certain instances when a denial of boarding doesn’t qualify passengers to claim compensation. An airline can turn down a compensation claim if the flight has been delayed because of extraordinary or exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional situations are beyond an airline’s control. These could be industrial strikes, natural disasters, weather conditions,and security risks.

At times, technical faults can also be deemed as extraordinary circumstances; the nature of fault will help in deciding whether it is eligible for compensation or not. Hence, each technical fault case needs to be looked at on its own merit. In any case, airlines are obliged to provide support and to facilitate passengers in the case of long delays.

The rights stated in EC261 apply to all outbound flights from the European Union (EU) airports. They are applicable to inbound flights to EU airports, from outside of the European Union, on an EU airline. A flight reaching or flying from Glasgow airport is bound by European Union regulations to compensate for the irregularities in flight and luggage.


How do I claim compensation?


EC26 makes it obligatory for all airline companies to inform you of your rights and entitlements to financial compensation in case of flight cancellation, delay, or overbooking. Sometimes, airlines fail to stick to this duty. Ideally, getting compensation is straightforward: if you have a case, then you can file a claim online with the airline. They should then send you the money via any channel, without any hassle.

The ground realities are, however, different. Airlines defend any claim that they feel is unjustified. And this is where things start getting ugly. No one has got that kind of time on hands to call, coordinate, and follow up on compensation only to listen that their claim is unjustified.

With indemniflight, claiming compensation is really easy. All you have to do is: create a case on the website with three clicks specifying the details of your flight. Our team of experts will deal with the airline company to get your compensation.

The best part about claiming compensation with indemniflight is that you will be charged only after you receive the compensation. After securing compensation for your flight, the regular charges are 30% of the amount of the compensation.


Knowing Your Rights Is Important


87% of flyers do not know the rights they are entitled to or the compensation they are eligible for in case of a flight cancellation, delay, or overbooking. Knowing your rights will prevent you from getting into an undesired situation as well as getting quality treatment at Glasgow airport.

The flight gets canceled or delayed due to certain circumstances, but that does not mean you should be OK with them. The European Union law requires airlines to compensate passengers for long flight delays, cancellations, and other such situations where they are denied boarding. With various compensation plans, passengers are eligible under up to €600 in compensation for a flight delay of more than three hours. This is a financial silver lining for flyers’ air travel woes.


Delayed/Damaged/Lost Luggage compensation


Indemniflight helps you claim and secure compensation if your luggage goes missing, damaged, or delayed on a European Union flight. With the help of a booking reference number, you can get reimbursement or compensation if there is some irregularity with your luggage. These include:

  • Getting a reimbursement of any expenses incurred because of the delay in receiving your bags. Expenses, such as toiletries, underwear, and other such things, are required every single day. You can file a claim for this in 21 days from the time you receive your bags. However, you will need to provide receipts for these expenses, as well.
  • If your bags arrive damaged on a European Union flight at Glasgow airport, hold onto your boarding pass booking reference number and report the damage as soon as possible. Damages can be reported up to 7 days from the time you receive your bags. There are several limitations as to what the airline will cover in terms of damages to packed items, but with pro representation at indemniflight, you can secure yourself an ideal deal.
  • In case of lost luggage, you can get compensation if you hold onto your reference number. Luggage is considered to be lost 21 days after it should have arrived or if the airline admits it has been lost. Which claiming for luggage reimbursement, you can claim for things like toiletries or underwear too. For a complete refund, it is important to compile a detailed list of contents for your lost bags.


Strike Compensation


The flights of an airline may get disrupted if the staff or crew of that airline go on strike. The passengers go through inconveniences because there is a lot of confusion once flights are canceled. In case of a flight cancellation or delay due to airline strikes, you may be entitled up to €600 in airline strike compensation.

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled that disruption caused by airline employee strikes qualifies passengers for compensation. This is because the airline is considered responsible for the behaviour of their own staff.

  • However, strike compensation cannot be availed if the strike is such that the airline has no control over it. It could be:
  • Strikes by baggage handlers
  • Strikes by airport security staff
  • Strikes caused by the political situation or unrest
  • Strikes by air traffic management staff

At Glasgow airport, you can claim compensation or refund for flights that have been delayed or canceled owing to strikes.


How to Claim Flight Delay Compensation With Indemniflight?


Compensating for a delayed or canceled flight is obligatory to all EU airlines. The same is the case with flights of Glasgow airport. However, you might not always secure ideal compensation because of poor representation in the court or some loose end in your case. indemniflight has made it really convenient for you to claim compensations from the airline. Follow these steps to recover yourself from traveling woes.

  • Provide your ticket or booking confirmation and passport to register your claim.
  • Fill out the claim form at indemniflight . Provide all required information such as a postal address, contact details, tickets/booking details, etc. It should take not more than 3 minutes to give this information.
  • Viola!!! Pay us after receiving your compensation.