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Virgin Atlantic Airways Flight Delay & Cancellation compensations: Know Your Rights


Is your flight delayed? Claim up to 600 € compensation with indemniflight. Remember, you are eligible to get a reimbursement of between 250 € to 600 € for any flight disruption. Also, it is better to know your rights and how to check if you are eligible to claim compensation.

All airlines work hard to ensure that they stick to their stipulated schedules, but sometimes inconveniences occur. And if you have experienced any Virgin Atlantic flight’s delayed or canceled, and you want to be compensated, then Indemniflight is your ideal choice for you. So, to improve your chances of getting reimbursed, you will need to pursue the case properly. To do so, you need to follow up on every proceeding regularly. This though, may or will take a significant amount of time, which may affect some of your other activities. But if you choose indemniflight as your claim compensation company, then all this burden will be lifted off your hands.

To claim reimbursement from this or any other airline company, there are things you should provide, such as flight tickets, etc. Also, you need to know your rights and ensure that the flight disruption isn’t due to extraordinary circumstances. Therefore, in this article, we will give all the essential details you need to know or have while claiming reimbursement.

That said, lets now proceed to learn your rights, when you are eligible and how much you qualify to be reimbursed.


Know Your Rights


It is estimated that around 86% of air travelers are not aware of their rights. The fundamental right under the EU regulation body qualifies you to claim compensation in case of any flight disruption. And to make that become a more straightforward process for you, Indemniflight is here to help.

As an air traveler flying into Europe or in Europe (EU country to EU country), then you are protected by strong passenger’s rights –The EC 261. This EU law states that any airline working in Europe should compensate their passengers in case of any flight disruptions that are within their control.

Other rights include:

  • Right to accommodation (hotel) with transport to and from included. If necessary.
  • Rights to be given food and drinks in case of long flight delay.
  • Means of communication (phone calls, emails, etc.) –Two separate occasions.
  • And rights to be given an alternative plane in case of long delays or cancellation.


When am I entitled to claim reimbursement ?


Under the EU’s air passenger rights outlined in Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, as a passenger, you are entitled you to be compensated in case flight disruption. To be paid, your claim must be either delayed flight, canceled flight, overbook a flight, or lost / damaged baggage.

So, when are you entitled to reimbursement if your claim meets the above descriptions? Here is it:

  • Your flight delay must be more than 3 hours.
  • The cause of flight disruption must not be an extraordinary circumstance.
  • Your claim must be within six years since that flight disruption occurred.
  • If you are denied boarding due to overbooked flight.
  • If you missed your connecting flight due to the delay of your first flight.
  • If the airline fails to inform you about your canceled flight 14 days in advance.
  • The flight route must be within Europe. At least one of the airports must be in a country that is an EU member state.


Can I be compensated for luggage delay or damage ?


Yes, in this case, you can claim compensation. According to EU regulations, your baggage isn’t excluded when it comes to claiming compensation. This is because every airline is responsible for both the time and security of your luggage.

So, if your luggage has been damaged, lost, or delayed for more than 3 hours and you are eligible to file a complaint, then you can proceed.


How much reimbursement can I receive from Virgin Atlantic airways ?


The first thing is that you are eligible to get up to 600 € is reimbursement from Virgin Atlantic. More importantly, the regulation, EC 261/2004, also do take a connecting flight into account. And this regulation law is the one that will define how much you will be compensated. It is basis rely on the distance between the departure and arrival airports to determine the total amount to be paid. Also, if your connecting flight was under the same ticket / booking, then your entire journey is covered.

So let’s now look at what you are eligible to gain as payment.


Flight Distance – (Between Departure airport to Arrival airport) Amount
1 You are eligible to receive these amount for all flights that cover up to 1,500 kilometers £ 222 – (around 250 €)
2 You are likely to receive these amounts for all flights that cover between 1,500 kilometers and 3,500 kilometers. £ 350 – (about 400 €)
3 You are eligible to receive these amount for all flights that cover more than 3,500 kilometers £ 530 – (around 600 €)


Note: For those of you who travel more than 3,500 kilometers and you claim for a flight delay that is more than 3 hours but less than 4 hours, then you will receive 50% of the total compensation. This is according to EC261 regulations.


How to claim your compensation, and what is the need to file a claim complaint successfully ?


Claiming your compensation is quite an easy process. All you need is to have is the required and essential documents and to check whether you are eligible.

So, these are the travel documents you should always keep so that you can provide them in case you want to claim reimbursement.

  • Flight documents which include: booking confirmation, boarding pass, e-ticket, delay report, etc.
  • The receipts for any additional expenses if there is any. For example, taxi, food, and accommodation.

Besides these two, the other necessary action you should take is recording information or details of your disrupted flight. This may include:

  • The Virgin Atlantic flight number.
  • Flight schedule (original flight departure and arrival time).
  • And the length of delay you experienced (final departure and arrival time).

The other action to take is finding out the reason for your flight disruption. And to do this, you can:

  • Check the weather reports for that day.
  • Ask some of the Virgin Atlantic staff and crew.
  • Check whether other flights from the same airport are being delayed or canceled.

After doing all these, then it’s time to check whether you are actually eligible to claim compensation. To do this, you will have to use our free claim calculator, where you will be asked to fill a few details such as flight number and flight date.


What is an extraordinary circumstance ?


For every claim to be valid, then the reason for flight delay should not be an extraordinary circumstance. And so, an extraordinary circumstance is a situation that causes flight delay, and that is above the airline control ability. For example:

  • Bad weather.
  • Union strike.
  • Political unrest.
  • Baggage handlers strike
  • Airports security strike.
  • Air traffic management staff.

Other causes apart from these then you can happily claim your worth.


Am I Eligible to Claim Compensation and When Does EU Regulation 261 Apply ?


As said earlier in this article, that flight route is one of the factors that determine whether you are eligible or not. This is because the EC Regulations 261/2004 applies to both EU and Non-EU airspace. And more importantly, you don’t have to be an EU citizen to be eligible.

So, when it comes to claiming compensation, your flight must be arriving at (EU with an EU airline) or departing from and airport located in the EU (with any airline). To clearly understand it, you can check in the table below.


Flight route (Origin and Destination) Non-EU Airline EU Airline
From country inside EU to country inside the EU Yes Yes
From country inside EU to country outside the EU Yes Yes
From country outside EU to country inside the EU No. Yes
From country outside EU to country outside the EU No. No.


Therefore, you are eligible to claim reimbursement for flights within the above specific routes.


What Should I Expect in Case Your Flight Is Canceled ?


There are things you should expect as a passenger in case you experienced any flight disruption. These will depend on the cause of flight disruption and the airline provider. So, if your flight was canceled and you received a notification in less 14 days as stipulated in EU regulations 261/2004, then you should file a complaint. The things to expect, though are:

  • An alternative flight to your destination or refund.
  • Flight cancellation compensation or delay compensation in case your alternative flight is delayed.
  • Care and assistance.

When it comes to cancellation policies, two situations arise. 1) if your flight is canceled in less than 7 days and 2). If your flight is canceled within 7-14 days, in these two situations, you can claim compensation, but in the 7-14 days’ cancellation, you will choose to take an alternative flight. But as long as the schedule is the same or slightly changed and adaptable to you. But if you still experience delay traveling on an alternative plane, just be sure to claim reimbursement.

Bad weather: So, for the case where your flight got canceled due to bad weather, then your airline provider has to provide you with the following services.

  • If you have to stay overnight, then they should provide a hotel room for you and transport to and from the hotel.
  • Drinks and food enough to see through that period.
  • Communication services (either two phone calls, fax messages, and emails)


What if My claim has already rejected by Virgin Atlantic Airways ?


Many people do choose to file their complaints directly with the airline, and most get rejected. But does these mean that all rejected claims are not entitled? No, they are entitled. Most airlines try to cut their losses by avoiding most reparation claims. So if you had filed directly with them and it was rejected, then feel free to work with us.

You can submit your claim and all the details required, and a team of experts working with us will cross-check your claim. After this, they will determine whether you are eligible or not. If you are, then they can proceed with the legal process of ensuring that you get paid what you are owed. The reason for the existence of claim companies like us is to be able to level the playing field between you and the airline.

Why should I claim Reimbursement from Virgin Atlantic Airways using indemniflight?

Your main aim is to get reimbursed, right? And to improve your chances of success then you will need us. Why? It is simple, as said earlier, we level the playing field. By being backed with a ton of information and standard resources, our experts are able to find out the correct information. And with these we can easily win the case and get you reimbursed within a short period.

Also if you need as stress-free process that won’t consumes any of your time, that is efficient and effective, then using indemniflight will be an ideal choice. We are the best claim company in the world, and we are made up of professional claim experts that will boost your success rate by more than 60%. Here are some of the reasons as to why we are liked by many.

  • We work under the no-win-no-pay system. If you want to file your claim with us, you will not need to pay any fee in advance. We will only deduct the fee when the case wins; that means if your claim fails, you will not run any loss.
  • We work with a group of professional claim experts that are at all times backed with legal evidence and additional database. Thus this will ensure a higher success rate.
  • Claiming reimbursement through us will only take a few minutes, and you are free to go. After that, our claim expert will work on your case. This will ensure you save a significant amount of time as opposed to claiming compensation directly with the airline.
  • Our services have been rated excellent in trust pilot, and we have a 98% success rate in all our court cases.
  • You will always be updated about your case proceedings, unlike airlines that may not have time to update you or may ignore your inquiries.
  • You can check your eligibility for free by using our claim calculator.

Always remember that you are entitled to claim a reimbursement in case of flight cancellation, flight delay, overbooked flight, and lost luggage. And if you have experienced a flight disruption from this or any other airline company, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Boost your success rate today by filling your complaint through Europe’s best claim company –The Indemniflight.

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