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Though airlines are very vigilant in maintaining the schedule of their flights, flight delay or canceled flights are inevitable sometimes. What do you do when that happens? We know loitering, lots and lots of loitering but claiming compensation would get you up to 600 € per passenger. Yes, you heard it right! Thanks to companies like Indemniflight, that the claim for compensation has also become very easy. This article is everything you need to know about a flight delay and cancel and how to seek compensation for that, especially with the Jet2 company. Keep reading to know more.


When to Make a Claim ?


Okay, so the first question arises when to make a claim? The rule EU 261/2004 in simple words, states that you can make a claim if the following conditions are met

  • If the airline is accountable for the delay or cancellation i.e. flight is delayed or canceled due to the airline’s fault
  • If you reach your destination at least 3 hours later than the scheduled time
  • Apart from what airline you are using, if the flight departed within an EU country and also landed in the EU
  • Apart from the airline you are using, if the flight departed within an EU country and landed outside EU
  • If the flight departed outside the EU but landed in a country within the EU and was also a European Airline

Countries Included

The regulation includes 28 countries of the EU including French Guiana, Réunion Island, Saint-Martin, Canary Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and the Azores. However, the list does not include the Isle of Man, Faroe Islands, and the Channel Islands.

Here is an example to give you a better idea of when to make a claim and how to to make a claim

  • From Paris to London with Airline of Air France makes you Eligible
  • From New York to London traveling with American Airlines does not make you eligible


The Amount of Sum in Case of Flight Delay and Cancelation


You are entitled to following depending on the case


In Case of Flight Delay


In case of a flight delay, the amount of compensation depends on the distance between the place of departure and your final destination. Generally,

  • The flight distance less than the distance of 1500 km are entitled to 250€
  • The flight distance between 1500 and 3500 km distance and also the intracommunity flights more than 1500 km are entitled to 400€
  • The distance of more than 3500 km distance are entitled to 600€

You can check out more details here


In Case of Flight Cancelation


In the case of flight cancelation, the regulation has determined three distinct criteria to differentiate when and how much you would be compensated based on the time of notification. These are

  • You are eligible for compensation if you were notified at the airport or in less than 7 days
  • You are eligible for compensation if you are notified between 7 to 14 days
  • You are not eligible for compensation if you were notified before more than 14 days


What is the Time to Claim Compensation ?


After learning, that you might be eligible for compensation, the immediate question that pops in your mind is, when can I do it? Well, the good news is that you can still do it if you even missed your flight years ago.

The time of making a compensation claim varies according to the countries that are governed by the statute of limitations. You can go online and check out yours by entering your flight details with an online checker. Some examples are as follows

  • Croatia, Italy, and Iceland within 2 years
  • Austria, Germany, and Finland within 3 years
  • Spain, France, and Bulgaria within 5 years
  • England within 6 years

So, hurry up and submit a case at an experienced handler such has Indemniflight for getting your claim instantly !


Jet2 Company


Jet2 is low cost scheduled British airline that is providing chartered and scheduled services. The company operates its headquarters from Leeds and has also expanded in further cities.

This company originated as a subsidiary of Dart Group PLC and made its first commercial flight in 1983 named Channel Express. However, in 2002 the company rebranded as from Leeds Bradford International Airport. has flight operations in 70 destinations across Europe.  More notably, Italy, Turkey, Spain, France, the Mediterranian Sea, and Greece.


How to Claim for a Compensation in Jet2 and Other Airlines ?


Well after verifying that you are indeed eligible for compensation from the airline, the big step is how to claim for the compensation i.e. what is the procedure for doing that?

Let’s review your every option


1- Claim Compensation by Yourself

If you want to claim compensation by yourself, you have to arm yourself with all the appropriate knowledge of the laws, passenger rights and of course, a lot of patience! Since most people have no experience in dealing with this kind of situation, they are unable to successfully get their compensation from the airlines. The better option is to get it through an experienced company such as Indemniflight. Still, if you want to give it a shot, we will let you know the procedure

  • Go to Appropriate forum and contact the airline, through a letter, email, etc. that OPERATED your flight, even if the company you booked with was different
  • Describe appropriately as what happened and register your complaints as to why do you seek compensation
  • If you do not receive any positive gesture from the airline, take the matter to NEB (National Enforcement Body) or ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • If the matter still doesn’t resolve, you can take the claim to Small Claims Court for which you might have to take legal advice


2- Go for a Lawyer

The second option you have in the matter of claiming compensation is asking a lawyer to handle complain for you. It is not highly recommended to go for a lawyer as they might not be specialized in handling these sorts of cases. Further, even if they do you would have to pay the fees in advance even if the case is successful at the end or not. Going to a lawyer is also time-consuming and tiring since you have to do all the legal paperwork and mold your schedule according to the court, etc.


3- Through Indemniflight

The last and better forum to address your complaints is to claim through claim management company Indemniflight. You would have a better chance of being successful with Indemniflight because they are specialized in such matters and you don’t have to know every law and procedure by yourself. Indemniflight has all the expertise to handle your case according to the Aviation law of Europe and EU 261/2004. Indemniflight doesn’t burden you in any way. They have a team of legal experts as well as other trained staff that would take your case to any authority needed. Also, they will handle all the communication with the airline and the legal paperwork. As a result, you will be free of stressful and time-consuming stuff.

The best part about choosing to claim with Indemniflight is that you don’t have to pay any upfront fees. You will only pay them if your case is successful and you get your amount of compensation.


Pros and Cons of Every Option

No need to read again and analyze the pros and cons, we will lay it out for you. The comparison between your three options is explained below;


By yourself With a lawyer With Indemniflight
Risk-Free Not Risk-free Risk-Free
Can receive full compensation Will cost you payment of Lawyer No upfront fee, only pay when successful
Highly time-consuming Highly time-consuming Not time-consuming
Fewer success chances Fewer success chances High success chances
stressful stressful Not stressful


The pros and cons of the three options clearly go in favor of going with Indeniflight company that can get you your compensation amount without extra stress.

Till now, you would have obviously selected the best option for yourself i.e. through  Indeniflight. So, let’s just give you a heads up on some information you would need


What About My Connecting Flight ?


You can also claim for compensation for connecting flights under the following conditions

  • There must be a delay of 3 hours at the destination
  • The flights are not booked separately i.e. they have the same booking number

If the above two conditions are fulfilled, then you are entitled to compensation from the airline. However, the amount of compensation depends on the distance between the point of departure and the destination.


Downgrades or Upgrades

If the airline re-routes and you don’t get the seat that you booked for, the regulation EC261 has a ruling in this matter too. If you were upgraded then the airline cannot ask you for additional payment. But, if you were downgraded, the airline is supposed to pay a refund depending on the distance traveled by the flight.

Will my Baby Get Compensation ?

Your baby can get compensation if you booked a separate seat for your baby.

What Happens Flying as a Group ?

If you were flying as a group and one person booked the tickets, you still will be compensated as per passenger.

What if I Were a Business Trip ?

Even if your company paid for the ticket, the passenger is entitled to reimbursement. The regulation EU 261/2004 protects the rights of passengers here by giving the compensation amount to the person who was supposed to travel except the re-routing of flight.


Can I get Compensation if the Airline is Bankrupt ?


Sorry folks, no you cannot. When the airline is bankrupt, there are so many people they have to give money and so, in this situation it is not likely that the passengers will get their compensation.


When Compensation is Impossible ?

It is impossible to claim for compensation and get the money when the airline cannot be held responsible for the flight delay or flight cancelation such as bad weather, medical emergency, restriction from air traffic control, collision with a bird, manufacturing defect and security concerns.




When the staff of the airline goes on strike, the airline cannot be held responsible and the claim for compensation is not due. However, according to the recent ruling wildcat strike by the staff does not affect the passenger’s right to claim for compensation.


What Steps to Take if Your Flight is Delayed or Canceled ?


Since you are reading this, we want to give you a heads up on what to do immediately the next time you suffer from a flight delay or flight cancelation. Following are some important steps to take in this situation

  • Always keep your documents safe with you. Don’t get in the rage and throw your boarding pass or e-ticket as you would need them while claiming for the compensation
  • Always talk to the customer service of the airline about the reason for the delay or cancelation. Determine whether it is their own fault or some other unavoidable issue
  • It is your right that the airline gives you some refreshment so if you’re tired and hungry, ask for it from your airline
  • If the flight is canceled or delayed for a long time, ask your airline about the hotel and arrangement of a taxi from the airport
  • If the airline offers you something, do not accept it. Especially if the offer is not matching with the regulation EU 261/2004
  • Check if you are eligible for a compensation



We want you to know your rights as an air passenger. There are instances when you happen to come across flight delay or flight cancelation. In that case, it is legal and your right to claim compensation from the airline. You should check immediately if you are eligible for compensation and go for the best possible option you can have. Indemniflight is a good option for claiming as they provide cost-effective and stress-free solutions. Contact Indemniflight now for making a claim for compensation.

Have a safe flight everyone!

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