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In as much as air travel can be convenient for some people, it can be complicated on how we anticipate. At one point or another, there are chances of experiencing a flight delay, cancellations, reschedules, or denied boarding. Luckily, in relation to the EU Regulation 261/2004, you are entitled to canceled, rescheduled, and delayed flight compensation that does not exceed €

  1. Was the duration of the flight delay of more than 3 hours?
  2. Have you arrived at or departed from the EU airport using EU airline?

If ‘Yes’ is your answer to the above questions, and the delay, reschedule, or cancellation was not as a result of circumstances that cannot be controlled by AirAsia, you can consider seeking reimbursement under the EU law.

Indemniflight has a professional legal team that will take care of claim processes as you could come up against. Moreover, we use our intuitive and quick online compensation calculator to calculate the amount of reimbursement you need to get based on the duration of the delay and trip’s distance. You can also use this online compensation calculator free of charge. We also have a checker that assists us when it comes to getting information about your flight.


Am I Eligible for Reimbursement?


The amount of reimbursement depends on the distance of your journey, and per passenger, it is between €250 and €600. For you to be compensated there are some factors that must be taken into consideration to determine your eligibility. We shall discuss these factors.


Delayed Flight Compensation


If your flight was traveling less than 1500 km, according to EU law, you can get not more than €250. The amount will increase to €400 if it covers between 1500 km and 3500 km. For a distance that is above 3500 km, you can get up to €600.

Two Significant Exceptions

If your flight arrives and takes off in the EU airport or nation, there is a likelihood that the refund will not be more than €400. This is the case even for the trip that exceeds 3500 km.

Furthermore, if the duration of delay is 3-4 hours, and the flight covers more than 3500 km, reimbursement can be reduced to a half. In such a scenario, you can get a refund of €300.


How to Calculate the Length of Your Trip


Air travelers, in most cases, do not know between their departure airport and landing airport.  The simplest way to get a rough idea regarding the length of your trip is to remember that flights are known for taking less than two hours to travel to destinations that are less than 1500 km. On the other hand, flights covering 1500 km -3500 km can take between 4 to 5 hours to reach their respective destinations. Fights that take not less than four and a half hours are those that cover more than 3500 km. therefore, the simplest way to confirm whether you are eligible for a refund or not based on the distance of your trip is through using our compensation calculator.


When to Claim Reimbursement for the Delayed Flight


According to Regulation 261, which the European Parliament passed, when travelers experience denied boarding, flight delay, or cancellation, they are entitled to a reimbursement.


1.    EU and Non-EU Flights

The good news is that EC 261 covers all the EU flights, incorporating some outermost areas in Europe, like the Canary Islands, French Guiana, Saint-Martin, etc. Also, there is a need for understanding that the same regulation can be applied to the flights that are not within Europe. A flight is covered when it is departing from or arriving at the EU airport, as far as it is operated by any of the EU airlines.

2. What Determines Your Eligibility to Compensation?

You can only be compensated if the duration of the delay is not less than three hours. The length of the delay is the difference between the actual time and the expected time you arrive at your final destination. This is not connected by the departure time, but arrival time.

Extraordinary Circumstances

According to the European Regulation 261/2004, the airline cannot reimburse you if the flight delay is resulting from extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances incorporate bird strike, civil and political unrest, air traffic restrictions, and bad weather.

A change in weather is known for being very subtle: there are instances in which weak crosswinds have to prevent flights landing on the schedule, although there are moments when flights cannot be affected by much stronger headwinds.

Technical issues, nevertheless, fall under circumstances that can be controlled by the airline; they are not extraordinary circumstances. It is the obligation of the airline to do aircraft maintenance. So, if the flight is prevented from departing at the scheduled time, the airline will not be fulfilling its responsibility.

Therefore, if your flight is delayed because of technical issues, we can assist you to claim a flight delay reimbursement.

According to the 2018 European Court of justice’s ruling, not all strikes fall under the force majeure circumstances. Internal wildcat strike that is caused by airline crews because of the restructuring of the airline is no longer considered exceptional. It is the responsibility of the airline management to avoid changes that would result in employees striking, in a manner that cancellations, delays, together with other disruptions can be experienced.

To make things simple and clear for you, you can use this compensation eligibility checklist:


Compensation Eligibility Checklist
How long was the flight delayed?
Was the delay caused by extraordinary circumstances or not?
Did you use an EU airline? Were you departing at or landing in EU airport:


Missed Connecting Flight Because of Flight Delay


Since the global air traffic is common and passengers have been flying than expected, there are a lot of connecting flights. Missing a flight, because of the delay, can cost you a lot.

The EC 261/2004 allows you to file a claim for reimbursement if your flight land at the final airport not less than 3 hours late.

Connecting flights are needed when particular flights are not in a position of taking passengers directly to their final destinations. This shows that one or more airline or aircraft changes will be experienced on your way and as a result cancellations or delays can be experienced.

You can also miss the next connect if you experience a delay in the inbound flight. It is the responsibility of the airline to consider arranging a new flight for you. Moreover, if the missed connection makes you reach the final destination more than three hours late, we can assist you to claim a refund.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that, concerning the connect flights; the EC 261/2004 has no special provisions. If passenger experiences disruptions, like cancellations, denied boarding and flight delay, you can claim a reimbursement. Use the below checklist to determine whether you must be compensated or not.

Eligibility for Connecting Flight Compensation Checklist
What kind of a flight disruption have you experienced? Flight cancellation, delay, rescheduling or denied boarding?
At your final destination, did you late? What is a more than 3 hours late?
Was the airline in a position of avoiding the delay?
Did you land in an EU airport or depart from the EU with an EU based airline?
Was the ticket issued using the same booking number?


For you to be compensated, the tickets ought to be issued under a similar booking number. There is a better way of saying that the tickets were issued on the same booking. If the tickets or flights do not fall under the same booking, frankly, they can be assumed to be different trips. So, if you have two tickets that are under different bookings, there is a likelihood of you having different final destinations.

For your reservation number to be identified, on the reservation, it is important to always double-check the booking reference number.

Unluckily, using the same booking reference numbers, some low-cost airline is known for not giving multi-flight trips. This suggests that you must be ready to have several flights with them. They will not be considered to be on the same booking, but not having strong evidence to make a claim.

Nevertheless, here is the good news, if you are using traditional airlines:

  • With a single flight, your reimbursement can be determined by the distance being covered by that flight alone.
  • With the connecting flights, the amount of refund is determined by the distance of the whole journey.


Right to Care: While Waiting, Get Free Drinks, Food, Refreshments, and Accommodation

Refreshments and Food

According to the EU law, it is the responsibility of the airline to make your waiting period comfortable. This is referred to as the ‘Right to Care’ of a passenger. Based on EC 261, the airline ought to provide you with refreshments, food, drinks, access to emails and phone calls.

Naturally, we will ensure that the airline gives a food voucher as you wait at the airport. The voucher is meant for covering urgent and necessary expenses.

You need not be worried if the voucher has not covered all your expenses, we will ensure that the additional costs are covered by the airline. All that we expect of you is to keep all receipts since we will use them to prove your purchases. It is of great significance to keep in mind that the receipts are important since they are the acceptable purchase proof. Bank statements cannot be used and with them, you cannot be compensated.

In accordance with the EC 261, drinks and meals purchased ought to be in relation to the waiting time. This suggests that the ‘Right to Care’ is applicable to reasonable purchases and amounts. Therefore, in case of a flight delay, you can take a meal within two or three hours.




When flight cancellation or delay forces you to spend a night at the airport, you are entitled to get accommodation. If your preferred hotel is far away from the airport, it is the responsibility of the airline to cater to your transportation expenses. In case the delay or cancellation is experienced in your hometown, you can rush home, yet the airline will still cater for your transport costs.

We advise that you should only leave the premises of the airport because of canceled flight, not delayed flight. Passengers whose flights are canceled are always given replacements with fixed departure times. On the other hand, a delayed boarding can be forced to board at any time.

When the delay or cancellation is a result of extraordinary circumstances and must spend a night at the point of departure, you are eligible for a refund. In fact, if a passenger cancels a flight, it can be difficult for him or her to be compensated.

Always remember that the right to be compensated and the right to care are different. The airline ought to ensure that your luggage is safe. The refund ought to be paid plus delay reimbursement.


How Long Will It Take For A Claim Process to Come to An End?


This is based on the origin of the airline; there are chances of claiming a refund for even ten years. Regulation 261 is known for not giving a precise period. It is because of this that you need our services; we will do as much as we can to ensure that the period is as short as possible if you give us appropriate flight detail, as well as your physical and postal address.


 How Indemiflight Can Assist You Claim A Refund


Under the EC 261, if you want to file a claim for compensation, you are likely to experience some pushbacks from this airline. The fact that the law is on your side does not suggest that the process will be swift. In fact, the process can be time-wasting and tiresome, apart from involving a lot of paperwork, for instance, writing a letter addressing the airline about your complaint and sending it through their postal address.

This is where indemniflight comes in. On your behalf, we will be responsible for handling all the necessary negotiations with this airline. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our customer service staff. You can also post your inquiries on our forum. We are among the best compensation company that helps passengers to comprehend their rights, in addition to getting the most appropriate reimbursement for passengers that are or have been suffering as a result of their flight being canceled or delayed by the airline, as well as denied boarding issues. We have assisted several travelers to get a refund. Moreover, with us, you will avoid wasting time and energy since we will do everything for you. In addition, we do not get paid, unless you get your compensation and it is from it that we deduct 30%. This suggests that the process of claiming your refund is free, with or without insurance. We also have experts when it comes to matters related to claim your refund as per the EU 261 regulation. You will not complain about our services.

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