Découvrez vos droits à une indemnisation en cas de retard de vol ou d'annulation de vol
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  • Amsterdam Airport : flights delays, cancelled and compensations

    Are you a victim of flight delayed or canceled? And looking around to find some painless ways to get your money reimbursed? Do you know what rights do you have as an EU air passenger in case of delayed or.

  • Birmingham Airport : Flight delays, cancellations and compensations

    Compensation for flight delay or cancellation at Birmingham Airport ?   EU Regulation 261/2004 enables passengers to claim up to 600€ as compensation for flight irregularities. After Brexit, one might be confused if these regulations still apply on flights from.

  • Belfast Airport : flight delays, cancellations, claim and compensation

    Like all large industries, commercial aviation is never without its annual share of regular setbacks and incidents. Fortunately, not only can travellers legally file claims for compensation against their losses and inconvenience during a troubled journey, in some cases indemnification.

  • Stansted Airport : flights delays, cancelled, compensation…

    Commercial air travel is often fraught with incidents of flight delays and cancellations. These can cause passengers and travellers everything from great inconvenience to even financial and property losses and damages. At the London Stansted Airport, this is no exception..

  • Luton Airport : Flights delays, cancellations, compensation ?

    With an airport as big as Luton hosting so many travellers, airlines, and flights per year, it is always inevitable that at some point, the next major flight cancellation or delayed flight will occur. Whilst these can be serious pains.

  • Manchester Airport : Flight Delays, Canceled, Compensation

    In the future, are you planning to depart from Manchester Airport or picking a friend or a family member up from this city? Here is some significant information to consider keeping in mind to make sure that you do not become.

  • Glasgow Airport : flights cancelled, delays, compensation…

    Glasgow Airport: flights canceled & delay compensation guide   If your flight at Glasgow airport is canceled or delayed, you are entitled to claim compensation from the airline. This compensation can be in various forms. However, it is conditional to.

  • Gatwick Airport : Flight delays or cancellations, have a compensation !

    Are you a victim of the Gatwick Airport flight cancellations or flight delays and you do not know what to do about it? You need not to be worried since the EU air traveler’s rights regulation associated with the flight.

  • New York Aiport : Flights delayed, cancelled, compensation, claim

    According to the EC Regulation 261/2004, if a passenger travels with any EU airline flight departing from EU airports and gets a delay of more than 3 hours on the arrival at New York Airport, the passenger ought to be.

  • Bristol Airport : Travel Delay, Canceled, Compensation and Claim

    Air travel is never smooth; There are times when passengers experience a flight delay, cancellation, reschedules and even denied flight. Do you know that under the law, can you afford to refund € 600 for such inconveniences? You can be compensated even when.

  • Heathrow Airport: Delayed, canceled flights how have a compensation ?

    Heathrow Airport is one of the largest airports in the world. The fact that this airport deals with a great number of passengers regularly, it faces some challenges. Another significant factor that is weather has been affected; flight cancellation or.

  • Grève de décembre 2019, ai-je droit à une indemnité ? en

  • Grève de décembre 2019, ai-je droit à une indemnité ? en

  • Monarch Flight : cancelled, claim, compensation…

    Claims with airlines are a common occurrence in commercial aviation as with many other major industries. For travellers, sums up to £600 in the most extreme cases are attainable when a reimbursement claim is successful. From the first moment of.

  • Grève de décembre 2019, ai-je droit à une indemnité ? en