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Have you ever been a victim of a flight delay or cancelation because you traveled with KLM ? Not too worry. Indemniflight is capable of settling your compensation claims without any obstacle. In subsequent paragraphs in this article, we’ll clearly detail the steps to take to make this possible.

Indemniflight is the best third-party company around that can get you your compensation claims in a professional manner. You do not have to worry about any delays. Within a few weeks, you’ll be able to get your compensation claims. This is what Indemniflight does. They make the whole process easy and seamless. Let’s tell you how this is done and what you need to do.


What happens when your flight is canceled ?


When it comes to the cancelation of flights, different airline operators have their own regulations, as well as policies. Some of the policies outlined by those operators based on flight cancelation are either noncommittal, or they are exclusive.

The booking of the hotel accommodation of particularly non-local air passengers will be taken care of by the airline operators when the reason for the cancelation is solely at their doorstep.

At the other end of the divide, if strike, poor or bad weather conditions, decisions made by the Air Traffic Control, or any other issue beyond the control of the airline itself led to the delay, the passengers will not be entitled to the booking of hotel rooms benefit. Some airlines also offer alternatives in helping passengers find a suitable hotel where he/she can book.


In situations of flight delay


The airline operators aren’t obliged also to provide any sort of propitiation to the passengers when it bothers on the flight delay. There are regulations, however, which imposed huge financial fines on airline carriers when the delay is more than three hours either onboard the aircraft or during the wait for its takeoff.

Airline operators explain a delayed flight as a situation where a flight is delayed for 2 hours or more than that. When scenarios like these pop-ups, air passengers are given the opportunity either to join an available flight and fly standby, or alternatively, they have the option to rebook into a seat that has been confirmed and is scheduled to fly within the next 24 hours of his/her original flight.

Passengers are enjoined to note, however, that it is probable of them to land on a route that consists of different nearby airports. If you get notice of the flight day and you’re yet to arrive at the airport, you can request a refund by totally canceling the flight.

You can also get coupons for free meals at the airport when the delay on flights is from their side. These coupons are either given at a discount or for free.


When your flight is delayed or canceled, what do you do?


Many factors may trigger the cancelation of flight or its delay. The feeling that comes when you get notice of a delay or canceled flight is a feeling of exasperation mixed with disappointment.

While you’re still at the airport with your luggage, here are a few things that will get you through.


Check the status of your connecting flight


Some airline operators are in the habit of not notifying their air passengers that as a result of the delay or the cancelation, they’ve been put in the next available flight when a delay or a cancelation occurs.

What you should do in that instant is to contact or check customer services to get information regarding the status of your flight. It is the practice of many airline carriers to rebook your flight automatically on a different route to your destination.


Use your rights


Knowing what rights you have as a victim of a delayed or canceled flight will allow you to get reimbursement from the airline in question. You should, however, be aware that regulations bothering on such incidences offer passengers little or no reprieve.

The Contract of Carriage is what a lot of airline operators have to guide them when it involves flight delays and cancelations. The Contact of Carriage vividly details what passengers are supposed to be reimbursed with. Vouchers, refunds, as well as free accommodation, are some of the things affected passengers are entitled to.

Flying onboard a European flight or flying in Europe is more beneficial to the passengers and also quite different. Passengers in these settings have rights, and they are entitled to certain things.

The Regulation EC 261/2004 detailed vividly that when a passenger is onboard reaches its destination two hours later than it should have, or overbooking was the reason why you were denied boarding, a compensation between € 600-700 is what a passenger gets. The best avenue to exploit your right is to contact Indemniflight to process your compensation claims.

Do More Research


After the checker has cleared you at the airport and news filters in that your flight was delayed, doing some research will do you better. Your research should naturally lead you into checking the U.S Department of Transportation for its travel customer’s report.

The travel customer’s report contains a monthly rundown or contains the breakdown of the reasons behind the delay in flights supplied by airline operators. The Bureau of Transportation statistics keeps a list that tracks and monitors the causes of flight delays and the chronological arrangement of delayed flights.


When you get the news, make some calls


When you’re informed about the flight delay or cancelation, ensure you make the necessary calls. These calls would naturally include a call to the agency in your desired destination, where you may have rented a car. Let the agency in question know about the change in plan.

If perchance, you get the idea that the flight delay will last into the night, and the airline is headstrong about covering your hotel bills, it will be more convenient if you book a room yourself.


Check your credit card


If you’re always in the habit of purchasing tickets with your credit card, they’ll probably give you a refund when your flight is delayed. Some credit card service providers are in the practice of giving their customers certain perks in situations where airline operators cancel or delay your flights.


Be attentive


An airline operator may suddenly announce that it will be boarding immediately after it may have announced a flight delay for about 3 hours. You’ll need to pay close attention to the happenings around you so that you’ll get the new announcement on time. If you’re feeling too stressed out, you can tell someone next to you to wake you up when such news comes up.


Take a moment before you complain


According to the regulations, you’ll not get any attention to anything you complain about if the 3 hours duration stipulated has been reached. What you should do is that, in situations where you got travel insurance, the insurance policy will come into action four hours after the delay of the flight.

Put a call through to your insurance provider and learn what benefits are in store for you. Be aware, however, that the benefit that will accrue to you will depend on the type of policy you purchased and your insurance provider.

How do you get your claims in the face of flight delay or cancelation?


On canceled flights, the Regulation 261/2004 have outlined already what a particular passenger will get. A statistic disclosed, however, that only about two percent of worthy passengers are capable of successfully get their compensation per year. What this statistic demonstrates is that 98 percent aren’t aware that they are entitled to any form of monetary compensation.

This is what to do to ensure you get your claims from an airline operator that had your flight delayed or canceled. You can claim compensation by yourself, via an attorney, or via indemniflight.


Getting your claim by yourself


If you’re thinking of getting your claim by yourself, then you need to follow some basic steps. These include:


Contact the airline

You’re required to contact the airline operator that operates the flight you booked and not the company that facilitated the booking of your flight. Reach out to them through the proper channel.

Some airline operators will request that you contact them through their postal address, others will request that you fill an online form. The most convenient way to get access to airline operators is through email.


Describe the incidence

The airline operator will ask you to describe the incidence. The form or letter should naturally contain the true description of what occurred, how much in compensation you’re supposed to get, and also the correct quote from the EU Regulation 261/2004 or EU 261.

Another alternative is to go through a lawyer. The issue with going through this route is that there is too much delay. Also, the lawyer in question may not have the required expertise. You may have to go for a meeting, or a forum to talk about the circumstances that led to your flight delay or cancelation.

It is not recommended for passengers to go either through their lawyers or by themselves owing to the several bottlenecks involved. The best possible channel to follow is through indemniflight.


Through third-party companies

Getting an address of a third party like indemniflight is another sure alternative for you to consider. The company comes with the needed expertise and knowledge in EU Regulation 261/2004. Indemniflight is skilled in handling your claim and will do the following:

  • Indemniflight will prepare and also file your claim in your own name. They will represent you when they face the airline operator in question.
  • As soon as they are done with examining the details of the circumstances surrounding your flight cancelation or delay, the third-party company you’re working with will contact the airline operator and take charge of the whole process involved with getting your claims.
  • Your complaints will be taken to an ADR or another relevant authority if your claim needs their intervention. They have attorneys that have the necessary knowledge to represent you ably.

When choosing a third party company, Indemniflight has the qualified manpower to assist you in getting your claims. The company has many years of experience in the practice of getting compensation claims.


What are you entitled to as compensation?


If the delay is for two or more hours, you’re entitled to food and drinks in direct proportion to the time that you’ve been delayed, as well as the journey and accommodation between the airport and your hotel.

In three or more hours of delay, you get what’s entitled to a passenger who has been delayed for two or more hours, including compensation depending on the distance of the journey and the duration of a delay.

For five hours or more of delay, air passengers will get a full refund of their flight; they also get to have a flight back to the airport where they departed from, amongst other benefits.


What About In Situations Of Strikes And Overbooked Flight?


A strike is one situation in which flights can be canceled or delayed. Worst still, passengers aren’t always in the know when airlines decided to the down tool. The natural reactions that trails strikes are frustration and disappointment. In such a situation, indemniflight can help get your compensation claims. You have a right to that claim, and the company ensures you get it.

This situation is similar to overbooked flights. The company ensures you’re not cheated out of your entitled. Indemniflight makes sure the money paid on the overbooked flight doesn’t go unaccounted for.


To wrap it up


Adequate knowledge of the EC 261 is essential to getting your compensation claims. That is why indemniflight has invested so much in its lawyers. With their support, you’re in a better position to get your compensation than you would have in the past. Indemniflight is well placed than any other third party company to exploit the existing laws to your advantage. Ensure you do not deny yourself of your entitlement.

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