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The other name for Qantas is the Northern Territory Aerial Services, Flying Kangaroo, or Queensland Gold. It was established in 1920. After Avianca and KLM, it is the oldest airline in the whole world. Headquarter is situated in New South Wales. It is located in Sydney Airport, Australia, where it is the main carrier airline.

This airline is the main Qantas Wallabies’ sponsor. Qantas Wallabies is the National Rugby Union Team of Australia. What is more, it is the sponsor of the national football team of Australia, Socceroo, and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. In 2011, this airline deal signed a four-year deal with the governing body of the Australian cricket to be the Australian national cricket team’s official sponsor. In the whole world, Qantas is known to be the safest airline and the strongest brand names.


Flight Delay


Flight delay can be experienced when you do not expect, especially use flights from time to time. Indemniflight has a flight monitoring checker, which assist them in receiving flight service alerts. If you give us an opportunity to offer you our services, we will assist in seeking compensation for the delayed flight that has been caused by a circumstance that can be controlled by the airline.

Qantas can ask choosing a new flight through their mobile app or website in case of the delay. Though, they can do this in a way that can prevent you from getting a refund. In case of flight delay, you can contact us via email, or text, or even post on our forum and our staff will advise you on what to do as far as claiming reimbursement is concerned. We will ensure that you are compensated based on the duration of delay and the distance of your journey. You can use our online compensation calculator or the chart below to determine the amount to expect from the airline as a refund.


Flight Delay, and Cancelation Compensation
Under 2 hours 2 – 3 hours 3 – 4 hours Over 4 hours Never arrived Distance
€125 €250 €250 €250 €250 All flights not travelling more than 1,500 km
€200 €200 €400 €400 €400 Internal EU flights more 1,500 km
€200 €200 €400 €400 €400 Non-internal EU flights 1,500 km – 3,500 km
€300 €300 €300 €600 €600 Non-internal EU flights more than 3,500 km


Note: make sure that you get yourself a seat on the other flight if you want to arrive at your final destination as fast as possible.


Flight Cancellation


In the case of flight cancelation, you are eligible for the following:

  • Replacement of flight in order to get to your final destination.
  • Full refund: other flight that cannot or will not be used in the same booking, for instance, return or onward flights.

If it happens that you are part-way, through your journey, and you feel that you do not need a replacement flight, we can assist you, based on passengers’ rights, to get a flight back to the exact airport, where you started your journey.

It is also important to note that for cancellation made through a notification of more than 14 days of your departure, you are not eligible for compensation under the EU regulation. Nevertheless, you are eligible for reimbursement of your flight cost. For a notification that is between 7 and 14 days before your actual date of the departure, you are eligible for reimbursement.  Even if the airline pays for the ticket, we can assist you to claim reimbursement for flight cancellations.


For Delayed Overnight, Ask About Accommodation


After a flight delay, cancellation or reschedule, you can be moved onto another flight that is scheduled to move the airport the following day; you will need a place to spend a night. Nevertheless, the airline can or cannot offer to cover the accommodation cost.

If the airline decides not to cater to the accommodation, just proceed and look for a hotel and make sure you have the printed receipt. Ensure that your luggage is kept safe. This will assist us in the process of claiming your compensation.

During the delay, it is important that you should ask the airline about transportation from and to the hotel, as well as meal cost incurred, since there are limits and rules to be followed. There are also free meals that are likely to be available at the in-house hotels, which is different from off-site locations and room service.




Another important thing to note is that Qantas is also giving reimbursement for your delayed luggage. If your luggage is delayed, you can get up to €1.414, as well as expenses. You can find it difficult to know the exact amount of reimbursement to get for your delayed luggage, worry not because we are here to assist you. It has a team of professionals who are experts in calculating your reimbursement. As usual, reimbursement is calculated based on distance and time using our compensation calculator.


Overbooked Flight


Qantas overbooking occurs when the tickets sold are more than the number of passengers that the airline can take. Though overbooking is legal, you can get the reimbursement that is not more than €600. The issue of overbooking flight has been taking place since the airline does its best to avoid having empty seats, because some passengers can fail to show up on their departure date or time. On the other hand, upon Qantas passenger receiving a document stating the payment has been approved and registered, he or she gets a confirmed reservation. Therefore, we can assist when it comes to being compensated by the airline for missing the flight for overbooking issues since it is they fault.


Get an Insurance Letter


The next thing is that you will need to ask the airline for a flight cancellation confirmation in writing. The airline also should include the details of the new arrangements. Before claiming your reimbursement, this cancellation letter is important. Nevertheless, you cannot get it unless you ask.

With the Qantas airline, you can get the letter on the customer care site upon request. On the site, there is an ‘Insurance Letter’ tab to click. Also, there is a word document that you will be required to complete and return in the same manner.

If you cannot get the insurance letter on the website, we can assist you “Qantas Insurance Letter” and you will be good to go, since it will assist us in refund claiming process.


Check Your Eligibility for EU261 Compensation


If the cancellation or delay interferes with your travel plan within, to or from Europe, you are eligible for reimbursement from this airline. The Flight Compensation Regulation of EU, EU261, is known for covering traveling trips that start from EU nations with any airline, and also flights entering the EU states from other parts of the universe on the European airlines.

For instance, passengers flying using Qantas to London, but from Singapore, are not eligible for the EU261 compensation. This is because the airplane is not departing from the EU airport, in addition to it not being operated by the European airline. Nevertheless, the British Airways passengers, using the Singapore-London route fall under the EU261 can be compensated since British Airways is situated in the United Kingdom and this is with the EU.

Passengers using Qantas can only claim the EU261 compensation through us when they experience cancelled flights, or when their flights are rescheduled, or delayed from London. In this case, the airplane is from an EU nation, as far as the delay, reschedule, or cancellation is a result of an extraordinary event, such as air traffic control strike or severe weather.

The amount of your compensation depends on the distance of the journey that has been affected, see below. The reimbursement will also include additional costs used for transport and accommodation and telephone charges used during the delay period, which the airline ought to reimburse.

  • Flights covering 1,500km and below: 355 Euros when the delay is two hours or more
  • Flights covering 1,500km and above, but within the EU: 570 Euros when the delay is three hours or more
  • Flights covering 1,501-3,499km within the EU: 569 Euro when the delay is three hours or more
  • Flight covering 3,500km and above, but not within the EU: 854 Euros when the delayed exceeds three hours (four hours and above)

You can also use our online compensation calculator to determine what the airline should give you.


Who Can Claim Compensation


Any passenger from any nation is eligible to claim reimbursement. It is not only meant for the EU citizens, though the delay, reschedule, or cancellation ought to be as a result of circumstances that can the airline can control.

As an individual, you can claim the compensation directly from the airline, though the chances of getting it are scarce since Qantas is known for justifying the flight delay with the extraordinary circumstances, which might not be the case. Therefore, it is recommended to consider funneling your claim through us. We have proficient staff that will assist you and ensure that you get what you deserve.

The period of claiming compensation can last for 2-5 years, though some even go for up to 10 years. With this in mind, you need to be patient with the process of claiming your compensation. Nevertheless, we can do our best to ensure that the process becomes fast through incorporating airline and airport authorities.


Consider Claiming Original Routing Refund


Claiming the original routing credit ought to be based on the frequent flight program. Upon cancellation, delay or reschedule, there are possibilities of being booked on to the new airplane, though with the different airlines. This can also be on a different route and not the one that you hand been initially informed about. Nevertheless, if you cancel flight, it can be difficult to get a refund. We do advise our clients not to cancel the flight for them to on the safer side of being compensated.

If you cancel you flight, it suggests that you can earn fewer points, as well as credits, as compared to the actual value of flight ticket.

It cannot automatically happen, there is a need for contacting the frequent flyer scheme and explaining the issue, including the original reservation, though in case the airline has short-changed you on the status credit and/or frequent flyer, our experts can fix this up.


How to Submit the Claim to Indemniflight


Using our claim form, you can easily file your refund claim. It is free of charge, in addition to getting instant feedback about your eligibility to be compensated.
The process of submitting the claim is simple; there is a claim button to click, after which you will be required to follow the appropriate steps. In case of any difficulties, you can contact our customer services through text, email, or phone call.
The information that you need to give us is in the following categories:
• Personal information: helps us in knowing you and how you can be reached, including your physical address.
• Flight information: this includes the date of travel, flight number, and booking reference.
• Documents: a signed power of the attorney is needed for us to be in a position of contacting the airline on your behalf.


About Indemniflight


Indemniflight is responsible for ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve.  Though the claiming your compensation involves long and complex procedures, and even sometimes, the decision is being made in the court, we can handle the process on your behalf; hence, increasing the chances of success. Moreover, you will only be charged a 30% commission of the compensation. Based on the services you will get, you cannot complain about the commission. In other words, if you fail to get your refund, you will not pay us.

We have has a system that allows its staff to estimate reimbursement. Allowing us to claim your refund is also saves your time since you will not waste time in correspondence, as well as phone calls with the customer service centers of the airline. We also have legal experts that perfectly know all processes in claiming your reimbursement. It is their responsibility and they are ever more than ready to defend the rights of its clients in the court.  Apart from reaching us through email and text, you can send us the complaint letters about flight delay using postal address.

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