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Pakistan International Airport is in Pakistan. Based on the EC 261/2004, if you experience flight delay, cancellation, reschedule or denied boarding when traveling from or to nations within EU, you are eligible for filing a compensation claim against this airline and you are likely to get between €250 and €600 as reimbursement, though this depends on the distance of your journey and duration of delay.


Eligibility for flight delay, cancellation and reschedule


According to EC 261, the airline should give you compensation if your delayed, canceled, or rescheduled flight…
• The canceled flight or delayed flight was departing from the EU airport or will be landing in the EU ;
• The airline gives notification of the delays or cancellations in less than two weeks before the actual date of departure ;
• If you arrive at your destination late for more than three hours ;
• The reason for delay flight or cancelation can be controlled by the airline, for instance, airline staff strikes, technical issues, or operation circumstances.


How to claim flight delay compensation


Indemniflight is known for making the claiming process as easy as possible. Passengers ought to give us some information about the flight, in addition to explaining to our staff what happened, and we will be in a position to handle the claim. We have a team of staff that check your flight detail and start the process of claiming your refund. On your behalf, we will handle all the necessary negotiations.


Claiming overbooked flight compensation


PIA ought to refund you in case of denied boarding that is a result of overbooking. The reimbursement ought to be given to you, especially if the airline does not have an alternative flight. If you missed the chances of getting a refund at the airport, you need not be worried. With the assistance of indemniflight, you can file a claim.
Several passengers complain about not having expertise or time to seek reimbursement. Nevertheless, we, indemniflight, can make sure that the claim process is not only fast but also simple. In the compensation form, you are required to fill some details regarding your flight. You will not complaint with our services; we also have a forum that allows you get a quick feedback related with your trip and claim processes.


How to claim delayed flight delay compensation


The most important thing to consider is confirming if you are eligible for reimbursement. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to access the flight database to assist you in comparing circumstances to a similar case, confirming whether your case is covered by the EU Regulation 261/2004. Nevertheless, this can be complicated for a person without required access or legal expertise.
With indemniflight, you can apply for the delayed flight refund.  We have a checker that enables us to get information about your flight; hence, making the claim process as simple as possible. In the compensation calculator, you will be required to enter the flight detail to check what you can claim and after that, it will be our responsibility to take care of the claim. Using our compensation calculator to check eligibility for a refund is free.


Claiming cancelled flight reimbursement


Similar to flight delay reimbursement, there is a need for ensuring that you are eligible for a refund. Moreover, the circumstance that has brought about the cancellation of your flight ought to something that Pakistan International Airport can control. In other words, the circumstances for cancellation ought to be covered by the EU Regulation 261/2004. Nevertheless, the fact that most passengers do not have the legal expertise and the required access; we can do this on your behalf. Check the chart below to determine the amount of money that you should get when the airline decides to cancel your flight.

Cancelled and Re-routed flights Compensation
Under 2 hours 2 – 3 hours 3 – 4 hours Over 4 hours Never arrived Distance
€125 €250 €250 €250 €250 All flights not traveling more than 1,500 km
€200 €200 €400 €400 €400 Internal EU flights more 1,500 km
€200 €200 €400 €400 €400 Non-internal EU flights 1,500 km – 3,500 km
€300 €300 €300 €600 €600 Non-internal EU flights more than 3,500 km


If the airline cancels my flight and gave me a refund, can i claim a refund ?


As far as the airline did not notify you of the cancellation not less than 14 days, and the flight is under the EU Regulation, the answer is a big yes. Travelers can get a refund, as well as compensation at the same time.
Nevertheless, for you to get a refund, you will be asked by the airline to sign a waiver. Certain waivers are known for incorporating forfeiture of the reimbursement clause; hence, it becomes impossible for you to be compensated. Therefore, if you are looking forward to filing a claim, there is a need for reading the fine prints that you have been given to sign.
Some airlines are known for offering vouchers, though they cannot be of the same value as compared to what you are entitled to. For instance, if the airline decides to give you a voucher worth €250, yet you are entitled to get €600, you can claim the remaining amount. Moreover, you can consider returning the voucher for you to get full reimbursement in cash.


How to submit the claim to Indemniflight


Using our claim form, you can easily file your refund claim. It is free of charge, in addition to getting instant feedback about your eligibility to be compensated.
The process of submitting the claim is simple; there is a claim button to click, after which you will be required to follow the appropriate steps. In case of any difficulties, you can contact our customer services through text, email, or phone call.
The information that you need to give us is in the following categories:
• Personal information: helps us in knowing you and how you can be reached.
• Flight information: this includes the date of travel, flight number, and booking reference.
• Documents: a signed power of the attorney is needed for us to be in a position of contacting the airline on your behalf.


The cost of using Indemniflight


Unlike our competitors, there are no hidden fees. You will be required to pay a commission of 30% of the refund upon getting it. Moreover, if the airline fails to compensate you, you will not pay anything.
The fact that the airline can choose to pay you directly, we will send you an invoice that matches the commission of 30%. If the airline sends you an email, remember to forward it to us as soon as possible since they can fool you to settle for less reimbursement than what you are entitled to.


What happens if your claim has been declined by the airline?


Unluckily, by referring to certain extraordinary circumstances, some airlines are known for rejecting claims for reimbursement. Nevertheless, we have a legal team that will be responsible for reviewing the rejections, in addition to processing the claim in the court, if there is a need. Naturally, this is likely to increase the period of the claiming process, though your financial risk cannot be affected since we believe in no win-no commission.
The simplest way is also to contact indemniflight and give us your flight details. We also need any information that you will or you have received from the airline in relation to the previous claim. Then, it will be our responsibility to investigate if they failed to compensate you for the wrong reasons.


When the claim is taken to court


In relation to the cost associated with taking legal action, indemniflight will cater to them. These include the attorney and court’s fee on your behalf. Regardless of whether the case is won or lost, we will cover the extra costs.
It the process of claiming the refund becomes successful, we are entitled to by the legal costs imposed by the court. If the case or claim is dismissed you will not be burdened with the legal costs, as well as pay for the imposed legal costs of the opponent on your behalf.


If the airline offers food, drinks, or accommodation, can i still claim for a refund ?


In case the delay, cancellation, or reschedule takes a long duration, the airline ought to offer passenger cars, which incorporate hotel accommodation, beverages, and food (and if possible offer passenger transport to hotels), as well as communication facilities. Also, it can take care of your luggage.
This is regardless of the eligibility for a refund that is in relation to the duration in which the flight is delayed. Therefore, the fact that the airline gives you a voucher does not mean that you cannot be financially compensated.
Nevertheless, if the airline decides to give you a discount or a voucher that can be used on a new trip in the future, accepting it would suggest that you will be waiving your right to be compensated in certain cases.


Flight disruption is not listed on the PIA Website, can i get a refund ?


According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, denied boarding, flight delay, and cancellation have been covered. If the disruption has been caused by something different, feel free to contact us and we will know the measures to take. Moreover, there are possibilities of seeking reimbursement from your insurance/credit card companies since a good number of companies are known for having certain coverage.


Duration of processing a flight claim


The duration of processing your claim depends on several factors, for instance, the willingness of the airline to compensate you, the complexity of your claim, and many more. In as much as we have been after making the process of claiming to be as short as possible, we have some third parties that are always involved to assist as in ensuring that you get what you deserve. The third parties are the aviation and airline authorities. Some have been processing and responding quickly, though others are slow to respond. However, we have been pushing them to respond as quickly as possible.
Also, during holiday seasons, the claims volume tends to be somehow higher since a lot of people are traveling. In certain circumstances, reimbursement from the airline, after receiving and accepting the claim, can take 30-45 days. This suggests that the faster we assist you to submit your claim, the higher the chances of you being compensated as quickly as possible.


Can i submit a denied boarding claim ?


In case of a denied boarding because of overbooking flight, we can assist you to seek a refund. Nevertheless, if the denied boarding is a result of your fault, for instance being late, not having appropriate travel documents or matters related to security, it can be difficult to be compensated.
On the other hand, if the reason that brought about the denied flight, on your side, is serious, the airline can consider giving a discount, voucher, or any other kind of reimbursement.


Can airline give a reason for rejecting a claim ?


No, rarely does PIA give a reason for rejecting claims. If the PIA does not give a reason for rejecting the claim, indemniflight will proceed and hand over the case to our contract lawyers for an intense legal assessment.
It is also important to note that the statement of the airline cannot determine the final decision. If we realize that you need to be compensated, we will use our compensation calculator to determine the amount you are entitled to get. Calculation of the refund is based on the distance covered, and duration of delayed as shown in the table below:


Is it possible to get flight compensation and ticket refund at ago ?


Theoretically, it is possible to get a ticket refund and reimbursement, though there are several exceptions. Normally, if the airline cancels your flight and fails to notify you within 14 days, or offer you a flight which the time does not favor you and you consider reimbursement of the inconveniences they have caused.
You can also experience the same situation when there is a denied boarding. Nevertheless, the airline is likely to ask you to sign an agreement, which in most cases, circumstances incorporate a waiver clause that can result in you not being compensated; therefore, before signing, it is of great significance to go through the fine print. The agreement can be sent via your postal address as well in form a letter.

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