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“Do you know that more than nine million air- travelers entitle to compensation for flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding?Have you wondered why ? Because only a few13% knows about their legal rights to claim their money”.
“Among these nine million travelers, only 66% of people claim their file for legal reimbursement.”Therefore, it’s good to know what your legal rights are, and if you encounter any of such situations, you should be aware of the legal procedure to be followed to get your money reimbursed without any frustration.


Quick Answer : how to claim compensation Emirates ?


Usually, it’s not that easy to submit claim reimbursement with the airline yourself, sometimes you end up in total disappointment because the legal process is time-consuming and maybe your airline does not cooperate with you immediately, they can postpone your claim, and possibility is that you need to hire a lawyer to pursue your claim.

If you want to avoid any of these situations, then trust our indemniflight who will safeguard your legal right and provide you hassle-free experience for gaining your rightful recompense without facing any delay.


That’s not all !

We are a network of legal experts and lawyers who are specialists in aviation law, and together we aim to provide you the best reward possible to get from the airline, no matter if we need to follow the airline to court to claim your compensation.


The best part is !

We will start the legal process against your airline and bear all the expenses for the ongoing procedure, and you will pay when we triumph in your reimbursement.


Otherwise, No gain, No fee !

So you need not freak about the fees and all the leg work to get your claim. We are here to “fight for your right.”  And once you get the return claim, the payment would be made based on 30%VAT.


How can indemniflight help you get compensation from the Airline ?


Good Question. But, let me tell you something equally important to know first.

Before digging into answer how indemniflight is going to help you get your reward, you should know about your legal rights which are adorned by EU regulation 261/2004.

Don’t be among those 87 % air passengers who are not aware of their legal rights that when are they eligible for reimbursement.

You can get a free service of checking your recompense with indemniflight by merely submitting your flight details, and we will run a quick check whether you are entitled to compensation or not. We have the most reliable flight data collection, where we compare your data to check your eligibility for reparation.


Eligibility Criteria to claim Flight Delay/Cancelation/Denied boarding compensation


According to EC 261/2004, the Emirates passengers are entitled to claim return if

  • The flight was canceled without any prior notice of 2 weeks; then, the emirates air passenger can file a claim up to 600 pounds.
  • If the flight was delayed more than 3 hours on arrival.
  • If your claim is regarding delays on arrival, then the flight must have departed from an EU Member state.
  • Same way, if your claim is regarding cancellation or overbooking, then the flight must be scheduled to depart from any EU Member State.
  • The air passenger can also claim a refund if they were denied boarding due to overbooking flight tickets.
  • You can also entitle your claim refund if you missed any connecting flights due to their current flight delay.

So, if you find any of the situations mentioned above, you would have two options to claim your refund.

  • You can claim your compensation directly to the airline by yourself ;
  • Hire our experts who know all of the best solutions to get your refunds.

Let me be honest with you. If you go with the first option (probably you’ll choose if you are out of luck).

You will enter into a never-ending battle because once you approach the customer services to claim your refund; they will indulge you in unnecessary information and excuses and strive to delay the procedure to discourage you from making your claim. Most of the time Emirates tries to rebook the passengers onto another connecting flight without any extra charges. Or, if you no longer wish to travel by any other flight, the tickets can be rebooked on the Emirates website, and you need to pay the rebooking fee. What if they do not offer any of the above-mentioned options? And claim that the flight was canceled due to “extraordinary circumstances,”  which you might not know?

At this point, you realize you need an expert to solve this mystery.


Here comes the second option


“Hire our experts who know all of the best solutions to get your refunds.”

The extraordinary circumstances are defined as something that doesn’t come under air traffic controls like medical emergencies, thunder strikes, lightning strikes and strikes by the airport staff or air traffic control staff. On the other hand, if the attack is called by airline staff, then definitely the airline management is responsible, and this comes under eligibility for flight cancellation compensations.

Still, if you are unsure about the possibility if you qualify for this claim or not, you can talk to our legal experts, and after checking the data, they will surely tell you if your canceled Emirate flight comes is eligible. For this, you have to provide complete data like your flight number, email address and some more information.


That’s it

We will endorse your claim and handle it legally to reimburse your application.

I will walk you through the whole process now let’s discuss these rights in detail and how will indemniflight company help you out in all of these situations.


Emirates Flight Delay compensation


Most of the time, the airlines follow a tight flight schedule, yet sometimes due to some unusual circumstances, the flight operation may delay.  These states of affairs can be due to delayed airbus traffic, uncertain whether or airport staff strike.

You can determine if you are eligible for this remittal by using our website. We can quickly check whether your claim comes under consideration or not. We will provide you hassle-free service, and all you have to do is to give us your flight details, and we will sort out how to proceed forward to get your claim reimbursed.

Your right to claim depends upon these factors

  • You checked in for your flight on time ;
  • The airline is responsible for these claims if they delayed due to technical difficulties or operational conditions ;
  • You arrived at the destination for more than 3 hours late.


How much amount of reimbursement will you receive ?


The reimbursement amount depends upon two factors

  • How long have you been overdue ;
  • The expected distance of your flight.

Here is a chart for your convenience.

  • The airline is responsible for providing you food and refreshment during your stay, and also, they should give access to communication ways like fax, email, or telephone calls according to rule EC 261/2004.
  • Moreover, you can be entitled to get a full or partial refund of your ticket if in case your flight delayed more than 5 hours, or you would be given a return flight to your point of departure.
  • Other rights that come with E261 law include that if you get an alternate flight and with an upgrade, you will not be charged any extra for this up-gradation on the contrary, if you get a downgrade, the company compensate between 30-75% of the price you originally paid for your ticket.
  • Most likely, your airline will offer you flight vouchers, if your flight was delayed to compensate. However, you must check that if it comes under legal rights that were provided by EU regulations that the customers should be paid in cash, electronic transfer, or checks if the customer is not interested in accepting the travel vouchers. In the end, it’s solely your choice whether to accept the travel voucher or go for cash.

According to a survey more than 85% people are not aware of their rightful rights, and they accept whatever amends is offered by the airlines, therefore, we highly recommend to trust our legal experts who know all the laws inside out to get your money to reimburse to you in a highly efficient way where you need not wig out and escalate to and forth with airline to compensate your cash.


Flight cancelation compensation


There are plenty of circumstances when airlines need to pull a plug on a flight; these might be due to bad weather or security alerts where the airline could not risk the life of the passengers and postpone or cancel the trip for security reasons.

According to EA261 law, when a flight is canceled by an airline, the passengers will get a cancellation counterclaim.

However, you will be eligible for cancellation refund if the following factors were involved

  • You were notified less than 14 days before your flight was due to depart.
  • You will be enlightening to compensate if your scheduled flight was departing from or to any of the EU member countries.
  • If the airline offered you a replacement flight and the new arrival time is drastically different from your earlier trip.
  • The reason for the cancellation was due to technical hitches or operational status.


How will you get cancellation compensation ?


You will be eligible to cancellation allowance if any of the above mentioned situations is found and most likely, the airlines will offer you

  • A new flight or a flight refund ;
  • How much refund will be given to you for cancellation recompense ;
  • Other factors contributing to the entitlement of cancellation indemnification.


A new flight or a flight refund


When you are entitled to cancellation stipend the airline will have to provide you three options to choose

  • Get a full or partial refund of your actual ticket along with a return ticket to your the point where from you departed ;
  • They should arrange the earliest possible alternate flight to your desired destination ;
  • They should issue you a new ticket to reach your final destination at any later date, which is convenient for you.


How much compensation will you get ?


If the airline notified you less than 14 days before departure, you could avail counterclaim up to 700 pounds per person, according to EC261.

It depends upon these factors

  • How much distance have you traveled from your point of departure ?
  • If your flight is within the EU or outside.
  • How much delay is expected if you take an alternate flight ?


Here is a chart to figure out your estimated counterclaim


The airline can offer you re-route if any of the following criteria is met, and the indemnity amount will be canceled.


At indemniflight, we offer you impeccable service if Emirate cancels any flight without any prior 14 days notice or any re-routing plan. Our experts in legislative law are highly skilled and know how to use EC261 to claim your reciprocity; therefore, we will immediately step in and file your claim.

All you have to do is to give us all the required information regarding your flight details, your email address, and contact info so we could proceed forward to file your claim.


Denied boarding compensation


The most common reason for denied boarding is due to an overbooked flight. If this happens, don’t give up your legitimate rights in exchange for less appealing vouchers.

You can request to get an alternate flight to your destination, or you could prefer to ask for a full refund to get back to your point of departure.


Airstrike compensation


EU Law 261 says that the airlines are required to compensate the passengers if airline staff strikes. This strike involves the airline’s crew members, cabin staff, and airline engineers, and other staff on duty working for the airline. If you have reserved a seat for the flight which is being delayed due to airline staff strikes, you will be eligible for refund under EC261 law.

If you are not sure whether your flight cancellation comes under this law, let you handle your case, and we will check out the requirements for airstrike refund and let you know how you can get reimbursed.


The bottom line : “ The indemniflight helps you to get your claim reimbursed with minimal effort involved; our expert will take the responsibility to get your indemnification without any inconvenience due to flight delay, flight cancellation or denied boarding counterclaim. So feel free to contact us to get your estimate and provide you impeccable service to get your rights without any hassle ”.

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