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British Airways flight delays and cancellation : claim compensation today with Indemniflight


Every airline works tirelessly hard to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time. Unfortunately, delays cancellation and denied boarding sometimes do occur. And when this occurs, it leads to several inconveniences and extra costs. So, if you have used British Airways (BA) and you experienced any or a couple of these situations, then I guess your intention here is to claim compensation. You might be wondering ‘how will I get compensated?’ ‘how long will it take?’ or any other related question lingering in your head. For that, you have not to worry because we are here to help you get what you are owed by British airways faster and easier.

British is one among many airlines in the UK that are under the European legislation known as EU261. This means that you, as a passenger, is entitled to cash compensations for flight cancellation or long delays that are within airlines’ control. The compensation sums range from € 250 for short flights that arrive in more than 3 hours late, and € 600 for long flights that are four hours late – (£ 215 & £ 515 respectively). British Airways have introduced a new solution where a person can claim reimbursement by completing the online claim form. And according to BA, this will not take you more than 15 minutes, thus saving you more time.

The introduction of an online claim form was basically designed to encourage passengers not to go through claim handling companies. These will help a passenger avoid paying unnecessary fees to the third party firms who are known for charging a significant amount for their services. This solution also allows BA to connects its passengers to the right department rather than the general customer relations team. Despite the introduction of this systemic solution, people still opt for claim-handling companies for several reasons. The reasons may include :

  • Slow processing of claims by BA ;
  • It is comfortable and more assuring to use these companies ;
  • Lack of reply from BA ;
  • If BA is ignoring or postponing your claim.

For those traveling from the US to the UK, DOT (Department of Transport) has rights reserved for you as a traveler in case your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked. DOT ensures that you get a chance to claim compensation.

That said, lets now have a look at how you can claim reimbursement from BA in case of flight delay or cancellation.


Know Your Rights and Claim Compensation from British Airways


The first thing you should know as a passenger is that we are all protected by EC261, which is an EU law. The EU law holds every EU airline accountable for flight disruption that is within control. For instance :

  • Airline’s staff strike ;
  • Technical issues ;
  • Staff sickness.

All these among other disruptions that may lead to flight delay or cancellation are subjected to claim reimbursement to their or its passengers. Employee strikes were clarified in 2018 that it qualifies for compensation after hearing in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. More importantly, there are two essential passenger rights during the strike.

  • The Right to Care ;
  • Refunds and Rebooking.

The right to care: In case of any British airways flight disruption, you have the right to care. Thus BA must provide several essential depending on the length of the delay. Essentials may include:

  • Meals and refreshments ;
  • Access to commutations, which includes two phone calls, emails or fax messages ;
  • Overnight accommodation, which includes transport to and from your hotel, if need be.

Rebooking and Refunds: AS a passenger using British airlines, you are always entitled to withdraw from the flight and receive a full refund. This only applies when your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than five hours. Also, you have the choice to take an alternative flight that has been organized by BA when your original flight is cancelled.


Am i eligible to claim compensation?


Yes. According to European law EC Regulation 261/2004, a passenger is eligible to claim a reimbursement in case of flight delay or cancellation. The law applies on EU airspace, and you don’t have to be an EU citizen to be eligible. You can claim compensation from EU airline arriving in the EU or any airline departing from any airport located in the EU.








From Outside EU To Inside EU Yes No
From Outside EU To Outside EU No No
From Inside EU To Inside EU Yes Yes
From Inside EU To Outside EU Yes Yes


When am I eligible for Claim Compensation by British Airways?


Some factors determine when you are and when you are eligible to complain for reimbursement. Thus, you are eligible for complaints if :

  • If you had your flight disrupted by causes that are within airline control ;
  • If you received a flight cancellation notification with less than 14 days remaining to depart or delayed by at least 3 hours ;
  • If you had a confirmed flight reservation before being denied boarding ;
  • For the ones caused by staff strike, it should be within the last three years ;
  • If there was a significant difference in arrival time from the original time after being offered a new flight (if you are late).

When the main cause for flight disruption is staff strike, then be assured that you must be compensated by British airlines for the trouble caused. Staff includes pilots, airline engineers, cabin crew, and other employees operating directly for British Airways.


When are you not eligible for strike compensation from BA ?


Just like you are eligible for strike compensation caused by some issues or individuals is the same way you do not qualify at some point. This is the point where the problem occurring is above BA’s control ability. For instance, strikes caused by :

  • Political unrest ;
  • Air traffic management staff ;
  • Airports security staff ;
  • Baggage handlers.

These are some of the factors or strikes that are considered to be “extraordinary circumstances” –circumstances above airlines control.  So, you can use BA’s eligibility checker to know if you are eligible.


What is the British Airways cancellation policy ?


According to BA cancellation policy, you are allowed to cancel your ticket if you no longer wish to travel with British airlines. When you cancel the BA ticket you will get your refund including taxes, all you need to do is fill up an online form and claim your refund.


How do i know If my flight has been cancelled ?


Receiving notification message from BA is one of the ways that they use to inform their customers that their flight has been cancelled. But even after receiving this notification massage you should check if the airline details are correct and marge your intended flight.

The airline said that “We are reviewing our flying schedule and we will offer affected customers the option to receive a full refund or the option to re-book to another travel date or on an alternative airline. If your flight is affected we will email you, please also check your flight status in Manage My Booking.” Thus you should always check on your flight status on the BA website to ensure you are up-to-date with flight news.

As part of passenger’s rights protection, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been in touch with British Airways to ensure that it is handling its rerouting procedures accordingly. CAA is a body that governs the UK’s airlines; it does this to ensure that passengers can still travel to their destination even in cases of flight delay or flight cancellation. Thus it is understood that BA has over 50 other airlines enlisted to handle rerouting to affected passengers.


What do i need to claim reimbursement from British Airways?


If your BA flight has been cancelled or delayed and you need to fill a reimbursement complaint form, then there are documents/ details that you should have. These documents are valuable; thus, it is always recommended that you keep a copy of all your travel documents. The records include :

  • Passports or ID used ;
  • E-ticket ;
  • Booking Confirmation ;
  • Boarding passes ;
  • Flight numbers ;
  • Flight dates ;
  • Scheduled departures and arrival (for delayed flights) ;
  • Airports Departures and arrival (For delayed flights).

You can also add a reason for disruption by asking British airways staff. This is important because you will be able to know if you are eligible to be compensated or not before filling up your claim.


How much compensation can i get due to cancelled, delayed or overbook flight?


As defined by Regulation EC 261/2004, the amount you will receive as reimbursement will depend on the distance between your departure and arrival airports. There are some reimbursement complaints that you can win, they include :






1 Less than or equal to 1,500 kilometres (all flights). EUR 250
2 More than 1,500 kilometres (all flights within the European Union). EUR 400
3 1,500 to 3,500 kilometres (all flights within and outside the European Union). EUR 400
4 For all other flights. EUR 600


If my baggage/luggage is delayed, what is BA compensation policy ?


If you are always travelling with a bag or expecting some of your baggage to arrive and it is delayed, then you can contact the BA official website here. Sometime the worst scenario may happen where your baggage ends up missing, and since BA has a British Airways Baggage Claim Form that you can fill and claim reimbursement for your lost luggage.

If you are still at the airport, you can simply report to the responsible department that your bag is missing. But in the case that you are already out of the airport, you can report it via BA official website or through Indemniflight.

Remember, BA are liable to fix your problem in case your bag goes missing; this is because it is their great responsibility to safely and effectively to transport your luggage the final destination. And keep in mind that it may take some time to recover your bags and in situations where it is not recovered, then you will be compensated. Missing luggage is supposed to be reported within 8 days.


Claim reimbursement from BA via Indemniflight


So, is your carrier unwilling to process your reimbursement complain claim? If yes, don’t worry because of our claim experts here and ready to help you. Remember that passengers who experienced flight delay cancellation have the right to be compensated. This is according to Article 3 of EC Regulation 261/2004, which is aided by the federal court of justice.

We at Indemniflight we provide friendly and reliable options that will ensure you are compensated. So don’t worry about British airline refusing your claim because we follow and work under EU261 regulations. We operate under a no-win-no-fee basis where if your claim doesn’t succeed, you will pay nothing. We operate in and reliable and friendly manner in that we ensure that the claim process is stress-free to you. Despite having claim experts, we are also equipped with a state-of-the-art technology that helps us to pursue each claim efficiently.

Indemniflight is the most trusted claim company, and it comprises of very competent claim experts that will ensure your case I dealt with accordingly. They can easily incorporate with other experts to collect data that will help record accurate flight information to ensure the case goes smoothly. Data such as the delayed time, reason for cancellation or delay, original time schedules for flight’s departure and arrival.

Therefore, if you are or have experienced a problem dealing with British airlines regarding your Complaints, be sure to contact us at any time. Also, check on what BA owes you by calculating it using our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator.


Ways you can claim compensation from BA


There are several ways that you can claim compensation from any airline. Choosing what is best for you only depend on you, because all of them are guided by EU Regulation 261/2004. The difference is some may be faster; some may take a quite long time, and in some cases, it may result in your claim being declined. So, let’s look at the comparison between three ways used to claim reimbursement.


·         Subjected to a fee (From £25 to £455 and a hearing fee of £25 to £335).

·         If you lose the case, then you lose your money.

·         You will have to spend significant hours of your time dealing with it.

·         Results are always unknown.


·         NO fee needed, you only pay if you win the case.

·         We are always backed with legal evidence and additional database.

·         Less time spent, around 5 minutes needed.

·         High success rates due to experienced experts working for you.

·         NO fee needed.

·         Most airlines tend to ignore customer’s claims; thus, its outcome is unclear.

·         It may take hours of your time to follow it up.

·         The average success rate that may require you to go to court to be compensated.


Overall, try using our services to file your BA reimbursement complaints, and you will be amazed how quickly we can get it done through with stress-free and time-saving claim process. Thousands of passengers have come to us and have successfully secured reimbursement for delayed, cancelled, overbook flights and/or lost luggage.

Note: Some cases through us have failed due to inaccurate data from passengers, so always provide accurate data.

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