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Because of inconvenience, air travelers can experience flight delay, cancellations, denied boarding or rescheduling. According to EC Regulation 261/2004, for Air India flight delay, and cancellations, which have been caused by circumstances that Air India Airline can control, you can get a reimbursement of up to € 600. In such cases, indemniflight exists to assist you in filing a compensation claim.


About Air India


Air India is the India’s flag carrier airline. A government-owned enterprise, Air India Limited owns this airline. What is more, it is known for operating a fleet of Boeing aircraft and airbus. It serves 94 destinations, both domestic and international.


Flight Delay Compensation


Normally, airlines have been doing their best to adhere to their schedules, though there are instances in which things go against their plans. When your air travel abruptly takes an unexpected turn, indemniflight can be responsible for taking all administrative heavy lifting off the hand of the passenger to pursue a refund for delayed flight on your behalf.

If the flight has already been canceled or delayed, there is no need for filling complicated forms. You need to send us flight details and we will let you know if you are eligible for compensation. We have a team of trusted experts that knows the law: so you will not waste your time going forth and back with the Air India. In addition, on your behalf, our staff will do all the paper and be involved even in matters that may need you to go to court to file a case.

For you to be compensated for the delayed flight there are few factors that should be taken into consideration. Basically, it is all about whether the delay was caused by circumstances that Air India could control or not. As you wait, the airline can consider offering you a voucher as way of smoothening things. Therefore, it is important to check if there are conditions attached to the offers. There are instances in which the airlines have been asking the passengers to waive their right to be compensated in exchange. Therefore, the best thing that you need to do is send use flight details and your personal details to assist us in checking your eligibility.

As soon as we get your flight detail, we will be in a position to tell you if the flight delay qualifies for a refund. For the sake of calculating your compensation, which you can also do using our online compensation calculator, send us your email address, flight number, and some other details.


Flight Cancellation Delay


The issue of cancelled flights is real. This is the same case for several airlines. Flight cancellations occur for several reasons. When such happen, at no extra charge, the airline can consider rebooking the passengers onto a different flight. Actually, Air India is known for automatically trying and rebooking passengers onto a different flight. Nevertheless, if the alternative flight does not work for you or you have decided not to travel that route, we can assist you to request for a refund. Continue reading if you became a victim of flight cancellation with this airline and you are interested in knowing how we can assist you to get your reimbursement.

If you cancel flight for certain reasons, the case is different. You will not be compensated if you have decided to cancel your flight. On Air India website, we can assist you to rebook your ticket. There are chances of being asked extra money for rebooking fees, as well as handling charges, based on kind of ticket bought. If the ticket, the rebooked tickets, happens to be more expensive than that of the original flight, you will pay for the difference. Generally, if there are available seats, you have the option of rebooking the ticket in the same or higher fare class.

At indemniflight, we are responsible for offering ‘Justice as a Service, in addition to helping when the airline cancels your flight, without a prior notification, of not less than 2 weeks, or re-routing alternative. We will step in and ensure you a way forward since EC Regulation 261/2004 entitles you to flight cancellation reimbursement as part of the air passenger rights.

We can offer you comprehend your passenger rights, in addition to filling your claims if the flight is cancelled.

With this in mind, unless cancellation or delay is caused by extraordinary circumstances, the law is ever by your side. Extraordinary circumstances are scenarios are beyond the control of the airline. Extraordinary circumstances are not limited to medical emergencies, air or airport traffic control staff strikes, and lightning strikes. Nevertheless, if the staff strikes, the affected flights automatically qualify for the compensation since the airline management is assumed to be responsible for the behavior of employees.

If Air India explains that the flight cancellation or delay is as a result of ‘operation difficulties’ or ‘technical difficulties’, such circumstances to not fall under the ‘extraordinary circumstances.’ This suggests that you are eligible for flight cancellation reimbursement. If you are not sure if the flight qualifies, feel free to contact us via email, text, or phone calls. We have a checker that assists us in getting appropriate information about flights. In other words, our legal experts are responsible telling you whether the flight is eligible or not. All that we need from you is flight detail, email address, and some other information. Our experts, on your behalf, file your claim, in addition to handling the rest.


Calculating Compensation


According to the EC Regulation 261/2004, the passenger is entitled to these settlements:

  • Flight covering up to 1,500 km, you can get up to €250 if the delay by landing is more than 3 hours.
  • In all walks, a delay of 3-4 hours you can get up to €
  • If the flight is covering between 1,500 km and 3,500 km, and the delay is more than 3 hours, you can get €
  • For a flight covering more than 3,500 km, and the delay is more than 3 hours, you can get up to €

If the delay of landing is more than 5 hours, the passenger ought to get the following benefits:

  • Full flight ticket refund
  • Communication services
  • Breaking for food and drink
  • If an alternate flight the following day, transportation and accommodation
  • The airline ought to take care of your luggage


When Am I Entitled to Compensation?


Based on the EC 261/2004, air passengers are entitled to flight cancellation and delay compensations. Also, this is applicable to bumped and over-booked flights.

Which Circumstances Make Me Eligible to Compensation?

There are some possibilities:

  • From an EU airport, you are departing on any airline (this also include non-EU airline)
  • On EU airline, you are arriving at the EU airport
  • For more than three hours your flight has been delayed
  • Your flight was cancelled
  • Your flight was overbooked and you missed a seat
  • Missed connecting flight. Consequently, you arrive at your final destination more than three hours late.


Who Can Make a Compensation Claim?


Everyone, regardless of nationality, can claim for reimbursement. Even if you are from non-EU nation, you can be compensation. The eligibility comes with one or more of the above listed circumstances. Perhaps, you may know a passenger who has faced such problems with the flight in the last 3years: we are more than willing to help such people.


Denied Boarding Reimbursement


For denied boarding, you can get not more than €600 as a reimbursement, though that is not all. If the airline decides to deny you boarding contrary to your will, there are three options to choose from. You can consider asking:

  • A refund of the ticket within seven days, as well as a return flight to the airport where you started your journey.
  • To be booked on a different flight to your final destination within the shortest time possible. It is the responsibility of the airline to provide an alternative transport and pay for your ticket if there is no flight available.
  • To your destination, another ticket, at the later date of your choice.

You have the option of choosing a re-routing or refund.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the airline to take care of you, for instance provide refreshment and a meal in proportion with your delay, and accommodation, as well as transport to and from the hotel and airport if you will be staying for a night or more.

Nevertheless, as it had been already mentioned, you cannot get a refund if you surrender the seat against your will.

Based on the EC Regulation 261/2004, you can get a reimbursement if you delay to reach your final destination that is more than three hours:

We do advise our clients not to consider being re-routed on a different flight, but arrive at their final destination late with more than three years than the actual times of arrivals; since this gives you room to claim:

  • For a flight covering 1500 km or less, you can get €250;
  • For a flight covering 1500 km to 3500 km, you can get €400;
  • And for a flight covering more than 3500 km, you will get €600.

We Cannot Assist You to Be Compensated for Denied Boarding in These Situations :
· Failing to check-in on time (in the booking confirmation, the time limit associated with the check-in for the flight has been mentioned; this can also be found on your website and on the boarding pass).
· Failing to reach the airport gates on time (also, the time limit ought to be on the booking confirmation, as well as boarding pass; all airlines have their unique policies).
· You failed to present the necessary travel document (for instance, the visa needed to your final destination).
· You represented health or security issues.

According to the EC 261/2004, these above mentioned cases of the denied boarding are assumed not to be the responsibility of the airlines, but the passengers, and so, the airline can waive their obligation to compensate you.  Moreover, you cannot be eligible if you voluntarily surrender your seat.


How to Submit the Claim to Indemniflight


Using our claim form, you can easily file your refund claim. It is free of charge, in addition to getting instant feedback about your eligibility to be compensated.
The process of submitting the claim is simple; there is a claim button to click, after which you will be required to follow the appropriate steps. In case of any difficulties, you can contact our customer services through text, email, or phone call.
The information that you need to give us is in the following categories:
• Personal information: helps us in knowing you and how you can be reached, including your physical address.
• Flight information: this includes the date of travel, flight number, and booking reference.
• Documents: a signed power of the attorney is needed for us to be in a position of contacting the airline on your behalf.


About Indemniflight


Indemniflight is responsible for ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve, even without insurance. Though the claiming your compensation involves long and complex procedures, and even sometimes, the decision is being made in the court, we can handle the process on your behalf; hence, increasing the chances of success. Moreover, you will only be charged a 30% commission of the compensation. Based on the services you will get, you cannot complain about the commission. In other words, if you fail to get your refund, you will not pay us.

We have has a system that allows its staff to estimate reimbursement. Allowing us to claim your refund is also saves your time since you will not waste time in correspondence, as well as phone calls with the customer service centers of the airline. We also have legal experts that perfectly know all processes in claiming your reimbursement. It is their responsibility and they are ever more than ready to defend the rights of its clients in the court. Apart from reaching us through email and text, you can send us the complaint letter about flight delay using postal address. You can also reach us through our forum.

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