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Manchester Airport : Flight Delays, Canceled, Compensation

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In the future, are you planning to depart from Manchester Airport or picking a friend or a family member up from this city? Here is some significant information to consider keeping in mind to make sure that you do not become a victim of unnecessary disturbances. There are possibilities of encountering flight cancellation, delays, reschedules, and denied boarding. Nevertheless, most passengers get stranded when they face such circumstances. The fact that some of them do not know the right procedure to follow. If you encounter flight delay or cancellation, you should to get compensation from this airline, and if this is the case, indemniflight can assist you to claim it.


Manchester Airport


In the United Kingdom, Manchester Airport is known for being one of the busiest and biggest airports, with some terminal. Flight delay is common, though 90% of the flights arriving at or leaving the airport are not always delayed by more than 10-15 minutes. Passengers, who are delayed, for not less than three hours, ought to be compensated, for the flight delays. Manchester Airport should abide by the European air passenger regulations, in addition to considering claim for the delay flights.

The amount of compensation is up to € 600. It is calculated in relation to the duration of delay and the distance covered. Send us your flight detail to assist you in checking how much you can claim. Moreover, you can use our compensation calculator.


What to incase of flight delay

  • Ask reasons behind the flight disruption
  • From the customer service of the airline, get a confirmation in writing
  • Note the arrival time (indicate the actual time that the plane landed)
  • Gather extra information and evidences, such as boarding pass, photos, and receipts
  • Using our claim form, enter the flight details
  • Check and confirm if the flight is eligible for compensation
  • Assign us with the case to assist you in claiming your reimbursement (indemniflight works on a “No win = No fee policy


Passenger Rights According to EU 261 Rule


According to EC Regulation 261/2004, refund ought to be given to air passengers, by the airline, for flight delay that exceeds three hours, denied boarding caused by overbooking, and cancellation.

In such cases, we can assist you to claim compensation, if the airline is responsible for the following:

  • Flight delays: if the flight reaches your final destination late with not less than 3 hours.
  • Flight cancellations: if the flight is cancelled with you being prior notice: the airline ought to give a notice of two week (14 days).
  • Denied boarding: due to overbooking of flight, you can be denied to board the flight.
  • Missed connecting flight: if you miss or missed connecting flight as a result of cancellation or delay of the first flight, and reach at your final destination late with more than three hours.

Note: if the flight delay or cancellation is a result of extraordinary circumstances, you will not be compensated. Examples of such circumstances incorporate strike, extreme bad weather conditions, security threats, tsunami, etc.


Manchester Airport Flight Delay


Because of the following, you ought to get flight delay compensation:

  • Your Manchester flight delay duration was more than three hours.
  • You arrived at or departed from EU airport using EU-registered flight or airline.

Within EU:

  • if your flight is covering 1,500 km or less, you can get a refund of up to €250
  • if the flight is covering more than 1,500 km, you can claim up to €400

Between EU Airports and Non-EU Airports:

  • if your flight is covering 1,500 km or less, you can get a refund of up to €250
  • if the flight is covering between 1,500 km and 3,500 km, you can claim up to €400
  • if the distance is more than 3,500 km and the duration of delay is more than 4 hours, you can get up to €600


Rights for Flight Delays


During departure, if the duration of delay is more than 2 hours, the airline ought to offer you the following:

  • Free refreshments and meals.
  • 2 free calls, fax or email service.
  • Take care of your luggage.

If the duration of the delay is more than 5 hours

  • We can assist you request for a re-route to the earliest available plane. Likewise, if you are not intending to travel, we can help to as for the ticket cost’s refund (which ought to be credited within 7 working days).
  • Hotel accommodation, together with transport facilities between the hotel and the airport for the overnight flight delay.

Furthermore, if you reach your final destination late with more than three hours, you need to be compensated.


Manchester Airport Flight Cancellations

Without a prior notice of not less 14 days, if the flight was cancelled, we can assist you to get a refund. There are two alternatives to choose from

  • An alternative flight or a change of flight
  • Application for ticket refund

If the replacement or alternate flight delays beyond the schedule arrival time, our experts can assist you to get a refund if the airline cancels your flight. The amount of refund is between €125 and €600 based on the following:

  • the days before your were informed by the airline
  • duration of delay
  • distance being covered by the flight


Denied Boarding Because of Overbooking


Under the European Regulation 261/2004, you are eligible for compensation if you are denied boarding if….

  • you have a genuine/valid travel document and flight reservation
  • you present yourself on time for the check-in
  • you did not willingly give up the seat

We can assist you to get a re-route to the next available flight if you are denied to board a flight because of overbooking.

Otherwise, if you aren’t willing to travel, we can assist you to request for a refund of your ticket cost (which can be credited in the next seven days).

At the airport, if you are stranded, you need to ask for the following for free:

  • Refreshments and meals
  • 2 calls, fax, or email services
  • Transport facility and hotel accommodation (when the stay cannot be avoided, for the overnight delay)


We Cannot Assist You to Be Compensated for Denied Boarding in These Situations:

  • Failing to check-in on time (in the booking confirmation, the time limit associated with the check-in for the flight has been mentioned; this can also be found on your website and on the boarding pass).
  • Failing to reach the airport gates on time (also, the time limit ought to be on the booking confirmation, as well as boarding pass; all airlines have their unique policies).
  • You failed to present the necessary travel document (for instance, the visa needed to your final destination).
  • You represented health or security issues.

According to the EC 261/2004, these above mentioned cases of the denied boarding are assumed not to be the responsibility of the airlines, but the passengers, and so, the airline can waive their obligation to compensate you.  Moreover, you cannot be eligible if you voluntarily surrender your seat.


Missed Connection Flight


Connecting flights are flights booked under one booking event, or single booking number. You can receive missed flight refund of not more than €600, based on the EC 261/2004, if

  • The connecting flight is being operated by the same airline, which you missed their flight as a result of problem on the first flights
  • Delay of more than three hours at your final destination.


Am I Eligible to Claim Compensation?


EC Regulation 261/2004 applies to all EU flights and airlines. Therefore, you need not to be an EU citizen to claim reimbursement for the delayed flight. According to this regulation, you are allowed to claim a refund for the flights that are departing from EU airports, with any airline, or arriving at airports within the EU states. For instance, you can experience the delay using EU flight if you are travelling from Manchester to London.


Origin and Destination EU Airline Non-EU Airline
EU ✈ Non-EU
Non-EU ✈ EU
Non-EU ✈ Non-EU


Therefore, you ought to request for a reimbursement, according to EC 261 Regulation.


Calculating Your Compensation


A good number of passengers do not know their rights and because of this, they have been settling for futile amount, unlike what they ought to claim as per the EC Regulation.

At “indemniflight” you can use our free flight delay compensation calculator. It assists in determining the amount of money to expect from the airline as a reimbursement.


How to Process Your Claim for the Flight Delay?

  • Gather proof for flight delay
  1. From the airline, get a confirmation of the delay in writing
  2. Take flight information board’s photos
  • Gather co-passengers’ contact details: co-passengers act as witness
  • Your travelling documents ought to always be ready.
  1. Flight documents (flight ticket, boarding pass)
  2. Receipts or bills of extra costs (taxi, meals, accommodation)
  • Request compensation

Send us the flight detail


Request Compensation

  • Enter the flight detail
  • Get to know the amount of reimbursement
  • Fill our claim form (it takes a few minutes)
  • You can choose “indemniflight” to assist you in enforcing your rights


Claiming Manchester Airport Delay


In general, if a passenger approaches the airline, he or she can be excused with reasons like extraordinary circumstance; so, the airline can fail to compensate you. Nevertheless, indemniflight know the actual reasons being the disruptions of the flight and assist you in your claim.

Consider using our compensation checker tool to start the process of claiming your compensation.  All that we expect to get from you is your flight number, time and date of departure, as well as some information.

If you give us an opportunity to claim your reimbursement with indemniflight, give us your personal details, in addition to assigning us the task by signing our digital contract.

Indemniflight works on the basis of ‘No Win – No Fee.’ You need not to pay any amount if the process of claiming the compensation does not succeed. This suggests that there are no financial risks associated with us claiming your reimbursement.  You will only pay if you get your reimbursement: the commission fees of 30% of the compensation.

Our claim specialists works with different teams to assist them, when it comes to collecting data, to ensure that all goes smoothly.  They can easily access flight information, for instance time that the flight was delayed, the circumstances that caused the delay, cancellations, or reschedule, flights arrivals and departure times, etc. to make us more likely to win the compensation.


What is the Duration of Processing a Flight Claim?


The duration of processing the claim is based on several factors, i.e. willingness of the airline to pay out reimbursement, how complex the claim is, and many more. In as much as we are after ensuring that the claiming process takes the shortest time as possible, we involve third parties, for instance airline and airport authorities, whom we coordinate. Certain process can be very fast, though others will take more time to respond. However, we have been pushing them to respond as quickly as possible.

What is more, during holiday seasons, the volume of the claims tends to be much higher. In certain situations, it can take 30-45 business days for an airline to give a reimbursement, after the airline accepts the claim. The faster the claim is submitted, the faster you will get your reimbursement.


How to Check the Status of Your Delayed, Cancelled or Overbooked Flight Claim?


There are several ways of checking your claim status. You can check it in the user area. Moreover, in case of an update or new information about your claim, indemniflight will notify you via email. If you fail to get the updates from us, just know that claim handlers are communicating with the airline to ensure that you get what you deserve as far as being compensated is concerned. You need not to be worried if the status does not change for some time. Certain claiming procedures or steps tend to be longer than others.  Just get assurance from us, we are working with your claim since we have a flight checker that assists us in getting flight information.


About Indemniflight


Indemniflight is responsible for ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve, even without insurance. Though the claiming your refund involves long and complex procedures, and even sometimes, the decision is being made in the court, we can handle the process on your behalf; hence, increasing the chances of success. Moreover, you will only be charged a 30% commission of the compensation. Based on the services you will get, you cannot complain about the commission. In other words, if you fail to get your refund, you will not pay us.

We have has a system that allows its staff to estimate reimbursement. Allowing us to claim your refund is also saves your time since you will not waste time in correspondence, as well as phone calls with the customer service centers of the airline. We also have legal experts that perfectly know all processes in claiming your reimbursement. It is their responsibility and they are ever more than ready to defend the rights of its clients in the court. Apart from reaching us through email and text, you can send us the complaint letter about flight delay using postal address. You can also reach us through our forum.