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Gatwick Airport : Flight delays or cancellations, have a compensation !

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Are you a victim of the Gatwick Airport flight cancellations or flight delays and you do not know what to do about it? You need not to be worried since the EU air traveler’s rights regulation associated with the flight delay or cancelled compensation, for instance EC Regulation 261/2004, and assistance from indemniflight will come to your rescue; indemniflight will ensure that you get a fair reimbursement amount for the cancelled, overbooked, rescheduled, or delayed flight. At London Gatwick Airport, flight arrivals and flight departures are assumed to be the main reason for the flight delays. At this airport, passengers often get panic, in addition to being clueless when it comes to handling such situations. Also, as the passenger wait for their flight, the airport offers several services to make their waiting time more pleasurable.

Over a century, Gatwick Airport is known for having a long history and among the common issues being faced in this airport us the arrival delay. Nevertheless, with the European Regulation associated with the flight delay reimbursement, you can claim compensation for flight delay that exceeds more than three hours, missed connecting flight, and denied boarding because of overbooking or mechanical or technical issues, and flight cancellation with prior notification of not less than two weeks.


London Gatwick Airport


The other name for Gatwick Airport is London Gatwick Airport. In London and entire United Kingdom, it is the second busiest airport in term of passenger traffic. For direct flight operations, Gatwick Airport is known for being among the leading European airports. Moreover, with a maximum of 55 flights movements each hour, it has the busiest single use runway. “LGW” if the Gatwick Airport’s IATA code. The airport serves as the base for Monarch Airlines, Thomson Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, British Airways (BA), Norwegian Air Shuttle, EasyJet, and Thomas Cook Airlines. In addition, it is known for operating as a hub for the British Airways. The airport has two major terminals: Northern Terminal and South Terminal based on the location. There are restaurants, shops, and various kinds of facilities given to children, for disabled travelers, and business travelers.


Flight Delays / Cancellation / Denied Boarding Problems


Some flight cancellations or delays are known being the reasons of inconvenience that flight passengers face; it is can be frustrating when the airline prevents you from boarding your flight. Such issues were taken into consideration by the European Union and as a result, EC Regulation 261/2004 was established in 2004. What is more, this regulation makes it possible for you to claim up to €600 for the flight delay, denied boarding, and flight cancellations. On the other hand, you can claim the compensation if the flight cancellation, flight delay or denied boarding has been caused by circumstances that the airline can control.


EC Regulation 261/2004


EC Regulation 261/2004 applies to air travelers from EU airports, to EU destinations, or from the non-EU airports using EU airlines. Travelers ought to understand that the flight delay reimbursement is subjected to some conditions, as well as exceptions. If the cancellations or delays are as a result of extraordinary circumstances, under which they cannot be controlled by the airline, there will be no reimbursement. Examples of such circumstances incorporate security concerns like terror attacks’ fear, and bas weather.  In such circumstances, it can be somehow difficult for us to assist you to claim a refund.


Flight Delay Compensation


However, if the delay takes more than 4 hours and the flight is covering 3,500 km or more; delay of 3 hours and the flight is covering not more than 1,500 km; and delay takes 3 hours or more for a flight covering 1,500 km or more, we can assist you to claim compensation as per the EU norms, according to the EU Regulation 261/2004. Such entitlement can only take place when the delays are as a result of extraordinary circumstances.

If the air passenger travelled from Palma Airport and the flight was delayed on the arrival for not less than 3 hours or the flight ticket has been booked from the same airport to any destination in the world, and the airline cancels flight, without being given a prior notice, and for reasons that can be avoided by Gatwick Airport, according to the EC Regulation 261/2004, the passenger can claim compensation of not more than €600 for the flight delay. It is also important to note that the amount of refund is in relation to the distance being covered.

Within EU:

  • If your journey is 1,500 km or less, you can get not more than €250
  • If the journey is more than 1,500 km, you can get up to €400

Between EU Airports and Non-EU Airports

  • You can get up to €250, if you are travelling up to 1,500 km or less.
  • If your flight is covering between 1,500 and 3,500 km, you can get up to €400.
  • If the distance being covered by the flight is not less than 3,500 km, and the duration of delay is more than 4 hours, compensation cannot be more than €600.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the airline to take care of you, for instance provide refreshment and a meal in proportion with your delay, and accommodation, as well as transport to and from the hotel and airport if you will be staying for a night or more.

If the delay of landing is more than 5 hours, we can assist passengers to get the following benefits:

  • Full flight ticket refund
  • Communication services
  • Breaking for food and drink
  • If an alternate flight the following day, transportation and accommodation
  • The airline ought to take care of your luggage

Note: if you are travelling from a non-EU nation to a non-EU destination, using an EU flight, the EU 261/2004 Rule will not work for you. It can only be applied in case of the EU flight travelling to or from EU states.


Flight Cancellation Delay


A good number of air passengers can confess that the issue of cancelled flights is real. Flight cancellations occur for several reasons. When such happen, at no extra charge, the airline can consider rebooking the passengers onto a different flight. Actually, like any other airport, Gatwick Airport is known for automatically trying and rebooking passengers onto a different flight. On the other hand, if the alternative flight does not work for you or you have decided not to travel that route, indemniflight can assist you to request for a refund.

If you cancel flight for certain reasons, the airline cannot reimburse you. Nevertheless, on the Gatwick Airport website, we can assist you to rebook your ticket. There are chances of being asked extra money for rebooking fees, as well as handling charges, based on kind of ticket bought. If the ticket, the rebooked tickets, happens to be more expensive than that of the original flight, you will pay for the difference. Generally, if there are available seats, you have the option of rebooking the ticket in the same or higher fare class.

If the cancellation is caused by extraordinary circumstances, the law is ever by your side. Extraordinary circumstances are scenarios are beyond the control of the airline. Extraordinary circumstances are not limited to medical emergencies, air or airport traffic control staff strikes, and lightning strikes. Nevertheless, if the staff strikes, the affected flights automatically qualify for the compensation since the airline management is assumed to be responsible for the behavior of employees.


Denied Boarding Reimbursement


For denied boarding, we can assist you to get a compensation of not more than €600, though that is not all. If the airline decides to deny you boarding contrary to your will, there are three options to choose from. You can consider asking:

  • A refund of the ticket within seven days, as well as a return flight to the airport where you started your journey.
  • To be booked on a different flight to your final destination within the shortest time possible. It is the responsibility of the airline to provide an alternative transport and pay for your ticket if there is no flight available.
  • To your destination, another ticket, at the later date of your choice.

You have the option of choosing a re-routing or refund.

You cannot be compensated for Denied Boarding if you…

·         Failed to check-in on time

·         Failed to reach the airport gates on time

·         You failed to present the necessary travel document

·         You represented health or security issues.


Eligibility to Claim Compensation


EC Regulation 261/2004 applies to both EU and non-EU flights. You do not need to be coming from an EU nation for you to claim compensation. This suggests that, with help of indemniflight, you can claim on the flight departing from airports located within the EU (with any airline), or landing in the EU airports (with EU flights).

Therefore, we can assist you to claim reimbursement for the flights that departed or are scheduled to depart from the EU airports.


Origin and Destination EU Airline Non-EU Airline
EU ✈ Non-EU
Non-EU ✈ EU
Non-EU ✈ Non-EU


Claiming Compensation


In relation to the EC Regulation 261/2004, an airline ought to give air passengers compensations for the flights that have delayed for more than three hours, unrightfully overbooked, or sporadically cancelled. Depending on the circumstances, you can get between €250 and €600. Nevertheless, claiming process seems to be difficult since airlines are known for avoiding paying the reimbursement out.

These are some circumstances that make you eligible to claim compensation:

  • From an EU airport, you are departing on any airline (this also include non-EU airline)
  • Your flight was cancelled
  • On EU airline, you are arriving at the EU airport
  • For more than three hours your flight has been delayed
  • Your flight was overbooked and you missed a seat
  • Missed connecting flight. Consequently, you arrive at your final destination more than three hours late


How to Submit the Claim to Indemniflight


Using our claim form, you can easily file your Gatwick Airport refund claim. It is free of charge. You will also get instant feedback about your eligibility to be compensated. The process of submitting the claim is simple; there is a claim button to click, after which you will be required to follow the appropriate steps. In case of any difficulties, you can contact our customer services through text, email, or phone call.
The information that you need to give us is in the following categories:
• Personal information: helps us in knowing you and how you can be reached, including your physical address.
• Flight information: this includes the date of travel, flight number, and booking reference.
• Documents: a signed power of the attorney is needed for us to be in a position of contacting the airline on your behalf.

Moreover, we have a checker that assists us in getting flight delay, cancellation, denied boarding and rescheduled details.


About Indemniflight


Indemniflight is responsible for ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve, even without insurance. Though the claiming your compensation involves long and complex procedures, and even sometimes, the decision is being made in the court, we can handle the process on your behalf; hence, increasing the chances of success. Moreover, you will only be charged a 30% commission of the compensation. Based on the services you will get, you cannot complain about the commission. In other words, if you fail to get your refund, you will not pay us.

We have has a system that allows our staff to estimate your reimbursement. Allowing us to claim your refund also saves your time since you will not waste time in correspondence, as well as phone calls with the customer service centers of the airline. We also have legal experts that perfectly know all processes in claiming your reimbursement. It is their responsibility and they are ever more than ready to defend the rights of its clients in the court.  Apart from reaching us through email and text, you can send us the letter explaining your complaints about flight delay using postal address. You can also reach us through our forum.