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Bristol Airport : Travel Delay, Canceled, Compensation and Claim

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Air travel is never smooth; There are times when passengers experience a flight delay, cancellation, reschedules and even denied flight. Do you know that under the law, can you afford to refund € 600 for such inconveniences? You can be compensated even when Bristol Airport has arranged for a replacement flight.


Eligibility for Flight Delay, Cancellation and Reschedule


According to EC 261, the airline should give you compensation if your delayed, canceled, or rescheduled …

• The delayed flight is departing from the EU or will be landing in the EU.

• The airline gives notification of the delay or cancellation in the future.

• If you arrive at your destination late for more than three hours.

• The reason for delay or cancellation can be controlled by the airline, for instance, airline staff strikes, technical issues, or operation circumstances.


Definition of Delay Cancellation, Delay and Reschedule


Bristol Airport assumes that it does not leave the tarmac. It is the flight of non-operation for the flight that had been previously planned and reserved for a trip. When it comes to the speed of delay, it breaks down into its scheduled time.

A flight can be canceled or delayed for several reasons. It can be a result of uncontrollable circumstances like security risks or bad weather. Nevertheless, if you want to travel to Canada. We, indemiflight, can assist you to get a reimbursement.


What to Expect in Case of Flight Delay or Cancellation


In case of flight cancellation, you can claim a refund. On the other hand, if you have not been notified of the delay or the date of departure, we can help you to get a compensation that is more than € 600.

Based on the EC agreement, we will ensure that you get one of the following:

• Full or partial reimbursement of the original ticket

• The quickest possible alternative flight to your destination.

• But this is a subject of availability, a new ticket to the final destination based on the date you give us.




If you have not taken your flight’s portion, indemniflight assumes this to be a simple choice. The company can assist you to get a refund of the value of your ticket. On the other hand, for the passengers that have already departed, we will ensure that you get compensated for the unused portion of the ticket. We can also work hard to ensure that you get a return ticket to the airport where you started your trip.


Calculating Compensation


If you get a notification of flight cancellation in less than two weeks before the actual departure, you are eligible for compensation. According to EC 261, we can assist you to claim as much as €600. The refund is based on the followed:

•    Distance covered

•    Whether the flight you are using is within the EU or not

•    Duration of delay

The chart below shows the amount of reimbursement in relation to distance covered and the duration of the delay.

Cancelled and Re-routed flights Compensation
Under 2 hours 2 – 3 hours 3 – 4 hours Over 4 hours Never arrived Distance
€125 €250 €250 €250 €250 All flights not travelling more than 1,500 km
€200 €200 €400 €400 €400 Internal EU flights more 1,500 km
€200 €200 €400 €400 €400 Non-internal EU flights 1,500 km – 3,500 km
€300 €300 €300 €600 €600 Non-internal EU flights more than 3,500 km

From the above chart, it is clear that the refund varies depending on the duration of delay, as far as arriving at the final destination is concerned.

You can get a refund for a cancelled flight if the airline gave you a notification in less than two week.

Compensation for Flight Cancellation
Advance Notice Requirements for Re-routing
14 Days None
7 – 13 Days Alternative flight departing in less than 2 hours before and arriving not more than 4 hours after the actual flight
Less than 7 Days Alternative flight that leaves in less than 1 hours before, 2 hours after the actual flight

Other Entitlements

Right to Care

In case of flight delay or cancellation, we, indemniflight, will ensure that you get the necessary help from the airline and this is based on your situation. For instance, if the airline cancels a flight and you are left stuck at the airport, it is our responsibility to ensure that the airline provides you with refreshments and meals during the cancellation or delay. You also need a means of communication, either text, email, or phone calls. If you must spend a night, you need to get transport from and to the airport and well as overnight accommodation. The airline ought to take care of your luggage, especially if you have to pass through a checker, when boarding another flight.

Upgrading and Downgrading

The airline can consider offering an alternative flight; a passenger who gets this is always lucky because there is a likelihood of being in a higher class, different from the one he had booked for without additional charges. Nevertheless, if the alternative flight’s class is lower, you are entitled to reimbursement of 30-75% of what you had paid.

Obligation to Notify Passengers about Cancellation or Delay Compensation

Passengers ought to be informed about EC 261’s content. The airline should be responsible for displaying the content on the rights of passengers at the check-in counters or terminal.


Further Compensation


EC 261 rights cannot prevent you from requesting a further refund. Nevertheless, the EC rule is not applicable if the passenger voluntarily chooses to surrender their reservations. With this in mind, it is important to note that if further compensation does not claim, the amount that you should get based on the EC261 can be deducted from the additional refund you receive.

Which Canceled and Delayed Flights are Covered?

  1. Where EC 261 is Applicable

The regulations in the EC 261 are applicable based on the airline and the flight routes irrespective of the nationalities of the passengers. Therefore, Americans have the same passenger rights to flight delay or cancel reimbursement as those of citizens of the EU.

A good number of routes taking off from the European airports have been covered. Actually, Europe is known for covering more of the world. In other words, the regulations are applicable in the outermost part of the world.

If your final destination is in Europe, or the flight had been scheduled to depart from the airport that is not within Europe, and you are using this airline, you are eligible for a refund. This information has been explained in the chart below:

Compensation for Flight Cancellation and Delay
Itinerary EU Air Carrier Non-EU Air Carrier
Within the EU Covered Covered
From with the EU airports  to outside the EU airports Covered Covered
From outside the EU to within the EU Covered Not Covered
From outside the EU to outside the EU Not Covered Not Covered


Extraordinary Circumstances Cannot Be Reimbursed


One of the ways in which this airline can consider avoiding paying the compensation is if they cancel or delay a flight because of extraordinary circumstances. This suggests that the reasons for delay and cancellation are beyond their control. Even if the reasonable measures are taken into consideration, the airline believes that such circumstances cannot only make them not to do any other thing but to cancel, delay, or reschedule the flight.

Naturally, circumstances such as medical emergencies, lightning, adverse weather conditions, terrorism, and sabotage acts are under the exclusion.

Nevertheless, on different forums, the actual meaning of extraordinary circumstances has been an issue. For instance, what one forum considers to be an extraordinary circumstance is completely opposite to another. In most cases, the airline is known for giving reasons such as operational circumstances or technical difficulties as the cause of flight cancellation, delay, or reschedule. Nevertheless, the European Court of Justice does not consider such to be extraordinary circumstances. In 2018, the court said that the flight staff strike cannot fall under the extraordinary circumstances, suggesting that through indemniflight, passengers can be assisted to get reimbursement for delay caused by the Bristol Airport staff strike.


Connecting Flights and Cancellation Compensation


What you need to get a refund when connecting flights or your flight has been delayed or canceled is questions with a complicated answer. The response to the question varies based on several factors. These factors include your final destination, whether the destination is within the EU or outside, the kind of booking, and many more.

Generally, in as much as, under a single booking, the flight ticket was bought, the EC 261 rule is applicable and it becomes easier for us to assist in getting your compensation.

Therefore, for passengers using a connecting flight, if the entire journey started from Europe or is to end in Europe on EU flight, we can assist you to ensure that the whole journey is covered. In other words, the amount of reimbursement ought to directly proportional to your total journey.

Nevertheless, certain EU courts have gone to the extent of interpreting the regulation in a different way, without incorporating connecting flight, in case of flight cancellation in the distance being covered by a traveler.

On indemnifligh, there is a lot of information about the EC 261 regulation that is applicable to delayed flights, canceled flights, and rescheduled flights that you need to know. Nevertheless, the fastest way of checking whether you are eligible for the refund or not is by contacting our customer service staff through email, text, or postal address.


Filling A Claim for Compensation


When it comes to filing a claim for compensation, it is important to know the following:

•    What to do in case of a flight delay, cancellation, or reschedule.

•    How Indemniflight can assist you.

What to do in case of a flight delay, cancellation, or reschedule

If you are traveling from or to the EU, for instance from London to any destination, the following are what you need to do when the airline unexpectedly cancels or delays your flight:

•    Have proof that the flight was canceled, delayed, or rescheduled, for instance traveling documents, boarding pass, and voucher. No matter what do not cancel flight on your own, Nevertheless, indemniflight can assist you with this.

•    As the airline to send you written confirmation of the delay, cancellation, or reschedule and the circumstances related to it.

•    Know the exact time of arrivals at your final destination: you can get this on the traveling program or at the terminal.

•    Do not accept any offer or sign anything, which waives the rights of passengers.

•    Keep all the receipts, if the situation forces you to spend extra money.


How Indemiflight Can Assist You Claim


Under the EC 261, if you want to file a claim for compensation, you are likely to experience some pushbacks from this airline. The fact that the law is on your side does not suggest that the process will be swift. In fact, the process can be time-wasting and tiresome, apart from involving a lot of paperwork, for instance, writing a letter addressing the airline about your complaint and sending it through their postal address.

This is where indemniflight comes in. On your behalf, we will be responsible for handling all the necessary negotiations with this airline. We are among the best compensation company that helps passengers to comprehend their rights, in addition to getting the most appropriate reimbursement for passengers that are or have been suffering as a result of their flight being canceled or delayed by the airline, as well as denied boarding issues. We have assisted several travelers to get a refund. Moreover, with us, you will avoid wasting time and energy since we will do everything for you. In addition, we do not get paid, unless you get your compensation and it is from it that we deduct 30%. This suggests that the process of claiming your refund is free, with or without insurance. We also have experts when it comes to matters related to claim your refund as per the EU 261 regulation. You will not complain about our services.