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Amsterdam Airport : flights delays, cancelled and compensations

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Are you a victim of flight delayed or canceled? And looking around to find some painless ways to get your money reimbursed?

Do you know what rights do you have as an EU air passenger in case of delayed or canceled flight?

Research says that only 2% of passengers know how to successfully reimburse their money that shows that 98% of passengers do not get their money refunded, either they don’t know how to claim their compensation or they just accept what airline companies’ offer to them.

So, are you confident enough to get your payment owed to you by the airline?

You had a bad experience, but we can turn it into a better one with indemniflight.

Here I have compiled a detailed guide on canceled or delayed flight recompense so you could claim your compensation successfully and get reimbursed money without any frustration.


How can indemniflight help you to claim compensation at Amsterdam Airport quickly?


Some airlines make it an arduous task to claim compensation. They can use delaying tactics, throw fancy jargons and even fight in court to avoid making compensation.

If you are thinking to counterclaim your dues by yourself, then chances are you are going to end up in total frustration because the legal process to file your claim is not only a long-drawn-out process but also requires substantial leg work to escalate to and forth with airline ‘staff to quickly get your stipend.

Conversely, you enter into a never-ending battle.

And the possibility is you either you are going too fed up of getting your claim or you need to hire a lawyer to pursue your reclamation.

That’s where indemniflight fits in!


How’s that?

Here is how ridiculously easy to get your remittance with indemniflight.

Indemniflight has made it easy for passengers to claim compensation. Indemniflight can help you in getting your reimbursement up to 600 pounds per passenger for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights during the last three years.

Additionally, Indemniflight is a team of specialist who knows all ins and outs how to claim and reimburse the money from airline companies. These specialists are legal experts who know all the rules settled by the EU to repay the air passengers and with the expertise of the legal lawyers we provide the best facility to pursue your claim to get all the possible reward no matter if needed to go to court to follow your claim for indemnification.


The bonus point is!


You need not pay before getting your remittance. The indemniflight will themselves bear all the expenses of your legal process of reimbursement and you will be entitled to pay 30%VAT of your final remittal after receiving your reward.

So, the rule of the thumb is “No reward, No fee.”

Therefore, getting your reimbursement is our responsibility after filing your claim with us, and we’ll fight for your right until we get the final reward for you. Up till then, feel free of charge, and we’ll forward and look after your claim without any upfront fee on your behalf.

Before discussing how indemniflight can help you in getting your remittance, it would be better to know what legal rights do you have, which comes under EU regulation 261/2004.


Are you entitled to get a flight delayed/canceled refund? Know your rights and eligibility criteria


Passengers and flyers need to know their rights and entitlements.

Airlines must compensate passengers if their flight is canceled or heavily delayed at European airports, including Amsterdam airport.

As per EU regulations, airlines are obliged to pay compensation for canceled or delayed flights, but the amount of payment which you are entitled to be decided based on the flight you have booked and the time your flight was delayed. On Schiphol airport

  • A flight which has departed from Amsterdam airport, it can belong to any airline
  • A trip which is arriving at Amsterdam airport
  • A flight that is operated by an EU airline.
  • If any such flight reaches its final destination later than 3 hours, then it is obliged to pay compensation and refunds.
  • They must offer passengers food, means of communication, and hotel accommodation while the airline arranges another flight for the passengers.
  • If during the waiting period, there are expenses incurred, they must also be reimbursed by the airline.
  • If the flight is delayed more than 5 hours than according to EU law 261/2004, the passengers reserve the right for a re-route on the earliest possible alternate plane.
  • The same way the EU regulates the canceled flight regulations and the airlines are bound to notify the passenger less than 14 days before their flight.
  • Moreover, the airlines are obliged to offer an alternate flight with all facilities as that in the initially planned flight; however, if the air passenger is not willing to get the alternative flight offer, then they can get their full payment back of their flight ticket.

The compensation is paid based on the distance of the flight. It is as follows:

  • €250 for flights of less than 1,500km long which are delayed by at least three hours
  • €600 for flights of more than 3,500km delayed by at least four hours.


How to claim compensation for a delay ?


If a flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, then passengers can claim compensation by informing the airline of their flight number, their details such as names, addresses, and the reason for the delay.

You must, however, remember for how long the delay was. This will help you in claiming compensation for flights at Amsterdam airport.

Now you are fully aware of all of your legal rights and want to take the final steps to file your compensation.

There might be two possible situations which you’ll encounter


  1. You go straight to the Amsterdam airport, talk to the airline official, and gather all necessary information to start the procedure to file a compensation claim.
  2. You choose indemniflight services free of charge to assist you in getting your refund.


Let’s assume the earliest situation first

So, you decided to go to the Amsterdam airport to file your compensation claim and to start the procedure talk to the airline officials what possible steps should you take to submit your request.

Then you are told that it is just a spontaneous procedure, and all you have to do is to submit some essential documents along with a registered letter and ratification receipt. However, Airlines are smart enough to mislead you by asking for more missing documents to pull the process, or they can simply put your reimbursement request under a “spontaneous and exceptional factor” for which they are not entitled to refund money to the passengers.

Soon you’ll realize you are on a treadmill— running on a complex and endless track.

Chances are the airline will drag the claim to the court by asserting “fake exceptional factors,” and you end up hiring a lawyer to pursue your application at a higher price because you are not well aware of laws to handle the situation.

Shortly, you will have them eating your pockets!

You sweated your blood to gain your compensation amount, and surprisingly enough, you end up in the total loss of your money as well as time.

Let’s rewind and assume that you chose indemniflight to get your claim.

Now, in this situation, the expert team of indemniflight is going to take care of your claim without any upfront fee with extreme expertise of legal knowledge and all aviation laws.


Indemniflight will rightfully endorse your counterclaim to reimburse your claim after receiving your application quickly.


Step-by-step procedure to get your delayed flight compensation with indemniflight


step1: check your eligibility for reimbursement

you can quickly avail of the free service of indemniflight to check whether you can claim to get benefit or not.

Only you need to enter your flight number and the date of flight on the indemniflight website and check if you are eligible for a claim.

After verification, you can submit your request to start the official procedure.


Step2: start the procedure without any upfront fee

Once our experts receive your application, they begin to review your claim with the most authentic in-built global fight and weather database and check whether it comes under 261/2004 EU regulation. After confirming that our experts would contact the airline to reimburse your Indemnity.


Step3: get quick and fast positive results without any stress

Usually, when a passenger tries to get his allowance from the airline, they go through the intricate and lengthy procedure to submit their claim that starts with filing a claim letter looking out for updates and a recurrent contact with the airline by phone calls to get the status.

Most of the time, the airlines take claim cases to court and do not accept the claim quickly.

The never-ending wait starts where you feel you are banging your head against the wall and most of the time after waiting for weeks or so; you get your claim refused.

After all, it’s tough for a single person to fight against a big airline. Luckily, our experts are fully equipped with all necessary legal processes and documents and they will adopt the most efficient and convenient way to reimburse your claim and all of this would be done without any advance fee and you’ll be paying only when you get your refund.


How much compensation amount will you receive in a delayed flight claim?

It depends upon how long you have waited for and how much expected distance of your flight is. Have a look at this chart to get an idea of how much reimbursement the amount you are going to get.

When can you claim compensation for a canceled flight ?


If a flight is canceled at Amsterdam airport, the airline is obliged to arrange an alternative flight with the same airline to your destination at their earliest. If a flight is not arranged, they must refund for the flight you had booked.

If neither of these is possible, the airline must arrange for the flight with a different airline to your destination if there’s space. If this option is also not available, then you might have to pay for the separate flight. However, you should be able to claim payment for this flight if you can prove that no other suitable option was offered by the first airline.

If the airline informs you about flight cancellation before-hand, i-e, they give you more than 14 days’ notice. You will only be entitled to a new flight or a refund for your original flight. But if you were given 14 or fewer days’ notice, you can claim compensation as well as a refund or alternative flight.

In case of flight cancellation at Amsterdam airport, the amount of compensation differs for different scenarios. It is decided based on the time when you were told about the removal, the traveling distance of the flight, and the time for how much you had to wait for a new flight.

The airlines must also give a reason for the cancellation so that you can decide if you are entitled to claiming compensation or the cancellation was because of extraordinary circumstances.

How much compensation you’ll receive in case of a cancelled flight


You are entitled to get 700 pounds per person if your flight was canceled by the airline without any prior notice in less than 14 days. However, the compensation amount depends upon the distance you traveled from the point of departure and how long the delay was if you took an alternate flight.  Here are some estimated figures of settlement in case of a canceled flight.

The EU law 216/2004 has also defined rules in the claim of airline staff strikes. Therefore, if you have faced a situation where your scheduled flight delayed or canceled due to airline’s crew members or other on-duty staff, then you will be eligible to get the stipend amount.

Therefore, don’t forget to contact indemniflight to get your airstrike refund, so they could check whether your canceled or delayed flight comes under airstrike refund policy or not.

In a nutshell: With the help of indemniflight, you can secure flight irregularity compensation effectively. The team of experts at indemniflight can successfully handle the process for you and thus maximize the chance of triumph. You can obtain the compensation that you are entitled to. The best part is that there is no risk involved because Indemniflight charges a 30% commission AFTER securing your payment.

When are you not eligible to get compensation ?

  • While making your compensation claim, it must be kept in mind that your expenses should be reasonable. E.g., the hotel must be similar to the standard of the one you were unlikely to work.
  • If you abandon a flight and navigate to your home yourself, it is highly unlikely that airlines would pay for these expenses. But if you have picked the shortest and best-value route, you can claim compensation. Also, if the airline suggested that you may get yourself home and you would be reimbursed by the airline, then you should mention this and claim.
  • Airlines try to rob off passengers by stating that they are not issuing reimbursements or claim under the excuse that this is not the law.
  • In the case of extraordinary circumstances, the airline is not obliged to pay the compensation amounts mentioned above. However, they still have a duty to taking care of you and get you where you are meant to be going. A refusal to provide amenities should be taken care of with a demand under Regulation EC 261 that you are entitled to be reimbursed or re-routed. You are also entitled under Article 8 for assistance, including accommodation, food, and transportation under Article 9 at Amsterdam airport.
  • If your flight delays between 2 hours or even 2 hours 59 minutes, you cannot claim a flight delay compensation. No matter whether you traveled and also you cannot get a refund if you didn’t fly.